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Every Shifter is part of the bigger story...

So Let us make the Land Of Shifting Workers~ Beings here, to help Accend Mankind, and Evolve To The Great Beyond~

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January 29

Game Name:


Estimated Shift Missions Completed:


Astrological Signs:

Aquarius, and Capricorn

Primary Element Type:

Earth, Wind, Fire, Water

Current Archetype Patterns (Pick 7 Max Based on Current Focus):

Cosmic Healer, Visionary Seer, Wise Hierophant, Transdimensional Messenger, Love Ranger, Mindful Viking, Starfighter Pilot

I am passionate about...

Helping others, with shifting themselves to a higher vibe of love for themselves, and the world, and bring forth the new era of Love and Evolution, i think, we all decerve~~

Some of my skills and gifts are...

Very empathatic, being able to understand on a wide range of others from myself, it being age, sex, or colour, i can always find a space for me to allow you to be you~ and help guide you, to your inner sparks~ I have also a thirst and love to break into topics such as mental health, and help those who seem, or find it hard, to have some maybe not just relate, but nonjudemental space~

I would like to learn more about...

How to be able to reach more and more people anywhwere in the world, and learn what i can, and find the centre in this wonderful Mandela affect happening now~

Inspirational Saying:

Open ones mind, to something bigger than yourself, learn to find the space between the black and white, find yourself, and never let go~

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