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Didmarton, Gloucestershire


December 11

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Cosmic Healer, Lucid Dreamer, Neo-gonzo Journalist, Disciplined Hermit, Love Ranger, Starfighter Pilot, Psychonaut Explorer

I am passionate about...

Being an Energy Healer and being of service to my fellow beings Becoming more the person i am inside and showing this outside Wandering knowing that I am not lost and nothing is lost on me Working hard towards the paradigm shift that is happening...

Some of my skills and gifts are...

Sending distant energy healing out Hugs that last as long as required Creating videos of lyrical floetry ;) Being open to share with others

I would like to learn more about...

Everything but mostly the good stuff The world of herbs and free living The depth of unconditional love How to be a better shifter now

Inspirational Saying:

step by step i make progress

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  • I better write something here to welcome folks to my shifter page, erm i live in the countryside with three big towns and cities around me, so im going to be giving free hugs in Bristol, Bath, Stroud and Chippenham, although at first concentrating on Bristol, as I know it best, Stroud because there are loads of cool people living there and I do Tai Chi and Qi Gong there, and Chippenham because i'm there for meditation classes and spiritual development so it seems like a good idea to do it in those three places. I would dearly love to start, help start a Paradigm Shift Bristol, or in one of the other places around me, to provide free meditation and discussion for those wishing to learn more off the back of having received a free hug and a button. So I'm a country boy smack bang in the middle of the green bit between a lot of built up areas, and i use my sanctuary in the country as a spring board for going to concious festivals, and less partying than I was used to before, always though looking to provide free advice, a hug, someone to let off steam or discuss your problems with and generally be about heroism not hedonism. Lately that's become a theme if not a t-shirt! ;) so we'll see :) + <3

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