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Magnolia, TX


July 20

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Astrological Signs:


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Current Archetype Patterns (Pick 7 Max Based on Current Focus):

Cosmic Healer, Visionary Seer, Lucid Dreamer, Elven Kin, Transdimensional Messenger, Love Ranger

I am passionate about...

Sharing love. Dance. Birth. Feminine and Masculine energy. Art flow.

Some of my skills and gifts are...

Dancing. Writing. Mothering.

I would like to learn more about...

Everything. There is no limit.

Inspirational Saying:

"I'm going to make everything around me more Beautiful. That will be my life." ~Elise de Wolfe

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  • You're doing great Jessica. 
    Much love. 

  • Straight out of the Matrix! Hey welcome to the team. I'm just updating a few things on the website. If you are on mobile it will glitch. Feel free to checkout the team map while you explore!

    Also in your profile, edit your urls when you can - right now they have an extra http that glitches them :D

    Did you just stumble upon Paradigm Shift today?

    Much love. 

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Michelle Infinity and Jessica Schwinn are now friends
Apr 29, 2016
Forest Advisor and Jessica Schwinn are now friends
Mar 6, 2016
Jessica Schwinn posted a blog post
Those nights will only be a memory
We can't stop ourselves now
Our bodies in the dark
Grab your mind, ask us how
How did i get here?
Where did you come from?
It seems like the universe
Is coming undone...
Hold no hesitation
It's not complicated
Mar 6, 2016
Jessica Schwinn and Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon are now friends
Mar 6, 2016
Jessica Schwinn is now a member of Paradigm Shift Central
Mar 6, 2016

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