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Here is one of my poems from my new site called Scribe Kitty. The image was from when I received my Shifter Booster Kit.

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I do not worry
As much as before…
Their sight will soon restore
And fate will open the door.
Be positive.
Share love.
Be love.
Love –
This is the answer
We have been seeking
From above.
This veil that was placed,
Our identity once erased,
Will be lifted as though
We already know.
You can feel it deep inside,
The fear that hides
Your light from the earth
Ever since your birth,
But fear no more!
See what fate has in store.
This feeling of wrong,
But love is strong.
Fear shatters into pieces
And the fog is now gone.
The light shines through
Love holds true.
You know what to do.


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I am

I am

I am beautiful
I am smart
My mind is
A cosmic art

I am the earth
Radiating with life
Dancing with the moon
Harmonizing with the sunlight

I am the ocean
Open to flow
There is no where
I cannot go

I am a ripple
Starting off small
Growing and flowing
To conquer it all

I am the stars
Reflecting in my eyes
And in the daylight
Blue like the sky

I am the universe
Infinite and proud
For I am what
I say aloud

I am a song
A beautiful sound
A call to the wind
And beings all around

I am the call
Do you hear it now?
Feel it inside
And just allow

I am me
And I am you
Close your eyes
Feel the truth

I am love
Down and above
I am light
Through the darkness, I write

I am that, I am.

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You and Me

I wrote this poem the day I joined the Paradigm Shift Community on 11/11/16. I was feeling confused about my world as I witnessed all the hate, the separation, and everything that transpired with the U.S. election. It was all over the television and social media, constantly in your face. Instead of hating them back, I had to see myself inside of all of them so I could find a way to love them unconditionally. That day, at 11:11 am, I just concentrated on Bob Marley's song, "One Love" <3

(11/11/16) 11:55 am

You and Me

I must look deep
Inside of me
To find out who
I want to be.

I must look within
Instead of around
Stop floating away
And feel my feet on the ground.

I must face my fears
For I know they aren’t true
I must see the me
In every one of you.

I must love myself
Before I can love them
For the hate outside
Comes from within.

I must know how
To let go of fear
For that is how
I ended up here.

I can see now
I must fight
For you, for me
For the love and the light.

And who I see
Was always meant to be –
I see the you
Inside of me.

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Eye (I)

I wrote this poem when I couldn't sleep one night. I did not feel alone because I knew I was there with me.


Eye (I)

I seem to have trouble
Telling us apart
How can I lie to you
When you can see my heart?

I lie awake at night
Just listening to your thoughts
As you discuss the past, future,
And things that I forgot.

When I’m confused about my world
You assure me I am right.
You’re with me in my darkest times
And when I see the light.

My deepest fears fade away
Because I know you are there
For when I look into the mirror,
It is at you that eye stare.

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I just wanted to say that ever since I found this group, all I see are 1's and 5's...  When I first woke up from this dream reality I saw many signs of 1111.  Like most of us, I found myself on a journey exploring more and more about synchronicity and the aspects of the universe that have been hidden for so long.  For a while it seemed like I had my head to the ceiling and I was not growing any more.  Now it is amazing how many times I see 1111, 1115, 115, and so on since I discovered the power of this group.  One big part of my journey that has made life a little easier is laughing at all of the little things the universe puts in front of me.  

There was a definite pattern of events that lead me here.  I was feeling very alone for a while so thank you Brendon for this amazing portal to this soul group!  

I love you all!  1 ♡!!!

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Am I Awake?

I am going to use this first post to introduce Jaclyn… I feel as though I was very awake as a child.  I had a very vivid imagination, I was smart, insightful, and always questioned the authority of adults and their “system” because it didn’t seem to fit.  I often had dreams and interacted with what I now think were spirit guides, angels, ghosts, or just entities without a physical body.  I feel I was more in touch with the higher realms and more sensitive to their power.

I grew up in a southern Catholic household, so you can imagine my family was always very religious and traditional.  I was discouraged from ever venturing outside of what was expected, especially when it came to subjects that questioned the authority of “God” and the Bible.  Talking about any of the “New Age” concepts and information or tools like tarot cards and Ouija boards or using words like the “third eye” was considered evil.  I grew up living in a reality where if I “sinned” I would go to a place called Hell.  If my mind ever wondered away from Jesus or God I was doomed to fire and brimstone for all eternity.  The thought of reincarnation or realities outside of religion was forbidden.  I lived in what I still think of as a prison where diverse thoughts are forbidden and thinking with your own mind was considered evil.  I was taught that you must be obedient and asleep.

I was conditioned to think The System was all there was.  The Matrix was only a movie.  Fairy tales aren’t real.  What you see is what you get-- I knew deep inside none of that was true.  I was always attracted to stories pertaining to fantasy and what people call “fiction” because THIS reality wasn’t real.  I always knew that something wasn’t right.  I always knew there was something more…

I started working for a big oil company a few years back.  My family was so proud that I got that corporate job everyone wants to have.  I was going to be successful.  I was going to be an integral part of The System.  I was going to go down that path that everyone said was such an eminent conduit to life.  The path of life….  For whom exactly?  I started realizing that I no longer had control of the reins.  I was blindfolded, going somewhere… and I had no idea how I got there.  Was I asleep??

I really started waking up once I realized I no longer had control and wondered how long it had been since I lost it.  I started researching and finding out so many aspects of life that had been kept from me all these years.  There was so much information that it was almost too much to bear.  I needed to look within myself.  I started avoiding the subjects of negativity and separation and started promoting more love.  I started meditating, doing yoga, and eating a cleaner diet.  I have not mastered these yet, but it is a work in progress. 

So, am I awake?  Am I awake within this dream and know that I am in this dream awake to the reality of the dream?  I have had dreams, I had had my dreams crushed, I have been in a nightmare, and I have realized that I have been creating this dream even when I was “asleep” in the dream.  I realize that there does not have to be an explanation for everything.  Things just are.  We can just be.  There is no normal and there is no such thing as time.  These petty thoughts are just reflections of the human slave, not the infinite soul within this human vessel that I was slowly discovering.

The part I am still trying to figure out is how to take on all the information I have tapped into and all the portals I have opened for myself and make it MY reality.  Be the change I want to see in the world.  Have no expectations.  Learn how to just be.  Determine how to manifest my own reality.  I am still a part of the old system, and I know what I need to do.  I am still shaking off that fear we all know isn’t real.  I have not had any many experiences that would be considered metaphysical, but I have always had this sense of knowing.  And the more I uncover, the more I realize how much I already know.

I am so fortunate to have stumbled across one of Brendon’s interviews.  I had been watching BridgET Nielsen’s YouTube channel and it suggested that I check it out.  Now I am here, manifesting my reality with this group of wonderful souls.  Thank you for the opportunity to share my story.  I would love to share some of my poetry here as well.

Namaste and much love from Texas! 

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