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Every Shifter is part of the bigger story...

Attention Gamers:

You are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. The thrills you will experience throughout this journey will definitely highten your senses and increase your awareness. 

Upon departure of this moment, I remind you that this is a one way trip. The emergency stop button has been disabled and reverse is not an option.

If at any moment you begin to feel nauseous, a forum has been created to seek assistance. 

We ask that you periodically check in with fellow gamers in order to avoid any unnecessary spiritual decline.

In the case of an cataclysmic event, please avoid panic. We suggest you hold tight to those closest to you and try to focus on what little journey you have left.

So with that said, please do a final check on your saftey harnesses and hold on tight.

Thank you for chosing the Shift!

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January 18

Game Name:


Estimated Shift Missions Completed:

Never enough

Astrological Signs:


Primary Element Type:


Current Archetype Patterns (Pick 7 Max Based on Current Focus):

Cosmic Healer, Visionary Seer, Heroic Leader, Modern Ninja, Techno Wizard, Love Ranger, Starfighter Pilot

I am passionate about...

Sharing and gaining Knowledge, wisdom and inspiration!

Some of my skills and gifts are...

Intuition, Empathy, Compassion, Artistic, Muso and creative being

I would like to learn more about...

Grounding and confidence.

Inspirational Saying:

Harmony is possible if your in tune!

Activity Points: 12



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Framed A4 prints + extras delivered to your door for just $60.  *postage included in price*
Please help me share my journey, by bringing a little piece of my imagination into your home.
I have range of prints to choose from, and even more are just…
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"What a wonderful quest journal :) look forward to seeing more :)"
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"My intentions are to clear away all that is destroying me. "
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"This is indeed an important topic. So many are struggling alone and its up to others to be observant and proactive, whilst also being sensit e not to push them away. I would love to participate in this disscussion."
Oct 29, 2017
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Do you ever feel insignificant, misunderstood, alone or lost in a sea of ignorance, arrogance and unacceptance? 

Do you ever get disappointed or ashamed in yourself when you make mistakes or don't fully meet expectations?

I have spen…
Oct 24, 2017
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