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May 2

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Astrological Signs:


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Current Archetype Patterns (Pick 7 Max Based on Current Focus):

Cosmic Healer, Visionary Seer, Heroic Leader, Benevolent Mage, Transdimensional Messenger, Mindful Viking, Psychonaut Explorer

I am passionate about...

Positive thinking and the theory of sharing consciousness. Music, dancing, sometimes singing. Historic life, such as neolithic, megalithic - absolutely obsessed with stone circles and not sure why! The sky- clouds, colours from sun position, the moon, planets (especially Jupiter and his moons) and all the stars I can see. sacred Geometry. Energy, vibrations and frequencies. Can gather energy by hovering my hands over the body and remove negative charge (not very experienced and eager to learn more in case I have a gift). Have dreamt things that then happened, but unable to know when the dream is a premonition. Finally, big fan of third eye activation and use, realising my ability here is not as sharp as it used to be.

Some of my skills and gifts are...

Empath with certain people apparently. Creativity. Meditation experience, minor. Have been able to create the future by using strong intent and possibly control moving objects. A little bit of pendulum practice a long time ago. Think I've levitated by accident in my sleep and have recognised places from dreams, which I'd never seen before and had forgotten until physically viewing them while awake - so possibly astral travelling. Have had many experiences related to ghostly activities, but not for many years now - not sure if that's a gift! Have used runes and done a couple of tarot spreads, but have to look up the meaning of each symbol / card as haven't done many. Would say I'm quite good at interpreting the messages from runes.

I would like to learn more about...

The pineal gland. Chakras. Levels of consciousness, connecting with my higher being and theories that we are all one, and we are God or we are our own God/angel, etc. Lucid dreaming, astral protection and travel, transdimensional planes. Chi, life-force energy, how to harness healing abilities or discover my gift, if I have one. Auras, if they exist. Ancient rituals related to planetary alignment, etc. How music affects our emotions so much. Trances induced by repetitive chanting or drums, etc.

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