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Free Shift Buttons

Free Shift Buttons

What are Shift Buttons:

Real world Quest Items for Shifters to spark synchronicity, hack the matrix with love, become visible to other conscious people, give as gifts, create conscious conversations, make new friends, share in exchange for goods and services, build community, connect people with the Paradigm Shift Central project, and help accelerate the shift in consciousness. Incredibly effective tools for every Shifter as part of the real world game. *Extra effective when combined with Free Hugs.* Having Shift Buttons turns your life into the real world video game that Paradigm Shift Central is - and how you play is by planting conscious seeds, and building community. By being a Shifter.

How it Works:

Free Shift Buttons are available to those who join the Monthly Support Squad. 

 The Monthly Support Squad is a super effective way to support the project and its mission of building a global team of Shifters and Paradigm Shit communities.
When you sign up you tell us how many Shift Buttons you want sent to you. Meaning you can pay as little as $2 now and get +$40 worth of Shift Buttons for free.
This is about creating an honest form of energy exchange that supports both yourself and the rest of the team / project.

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We here at Paradigm Shift Central are excited to provide as many Shifters as possible with Shift Buttons to assist them on their quest and accelerate the shift as a whole. 

We understand that committing to larger monthly contributions can be a challenge for some, which is why every amount is welcome.

Through our collective micro-contributions, we help ensure the ongoing evolution of the Paradigm Shift Central project and its commitment to create and feature free conscious media made by community members, such as videos, movies, radio broadcasts, global mediations, conscious articles, and much more. Support also contributes to growing the global team of Shifters, building Paradigm Shift communities world-wide that host open-minded discussion meditation circles help rebirth Babylon from within. Through the hack of micro-contributions, nothing is lost - but everything is gained. 

* Follow the link to learn more about how the crowd funding will be utilized. *

PLUS if you have not yet, you can officially join the global team of Shifters by creating your profile.
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Thank you for your support, and keep it Shifty!


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