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Reality Encyclopedia



What it is: 
The Reality Encyclopedia has been created to present and demonstrate connections between key elements of this reality as we continue to evolve our understanding of it.


Every night when we go to sleep, or when in deep states of meditation, we move towards the potential to experience the process when our perception of reality moves beyond our 'physical body.' The 'Astral Body' is something that is still very much still ours that we can pilot and steer through reality under a different set of properties that reflect those of the dream realm or 'Astral Dimensions.' 

Things you can do while Astral Projecting
- Visit physical locations in different parts of the world and galaxy
- Experience the ability to pass through solid objects
- The ability to create things with the focus and intention of your thoughts
- And alot more

Intentional Astral Projection is a process when we can allow our body to fall aswell while keeping our mind awake. While in this awareness we realize that we are not bound by our physical body in terms of perception.

Being aware that the astral projection process is a real experience allows a person to begin to understand reality from a more multi-dimensional neature, leading to further discussion.

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