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Community Nexus

About The Community Nexus

What it is: 
The Community Nexus is a centralized portal for all known Paradigm Shift Communities across the globe.
You will find a full list of communities, which each have their own unfolding story and updates.
The Global Live Map is interactive and Shifters are HIGHLY encouraged to add their information to it.

How it works:
Use both The Global Live Map and the Community Index to learn where we are and which Shifters are near you.
Through the evolution of this project, the map will become an incredibly valuable collective resource for us.
All Shifters are welcome and encouraged to 'Create a Group' to begin being an Admin for the start of their local Paradigm Shift Community.

The Global Live Map

New Admin Sign Up

Anyone can sign up to be an Admin of a Paradigm Shift Community where they are.
To sign up and create your community group 
Every Community has their own forum, community wall, photo archive, and more. 

Community Admins

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