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the universe draws a new synchronistic video for you!
Watch and experience endless
inspirational community created content!

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Shifters earn Shift Points in exchange for
successfully creating Quest Journals and Conscious Articles,
along with other game related tasks.
Shift Points can be exchanged for Shift Buttons
once the Team Patreon reaches the 1111 milestone.

Video Chat Rooms

Video Chat Rooms

Video Chat #1   |   Video Chat #2   |   Video Chat #3

Video Chat Guidelines

What they are: 

The Video Chat Rooms exist for us as a team to practice communicating with one another, growing as a team, and working on projects together. 

How they work:

Interact using the main video/audio chat as well as the Drawing Board and Work Board Wall tools within each Video Chat Room. 

There is a maximum of 8 people per Video Chat Room. Rooms are accessible only to members of Paradigm Shift Central.

All Rooms are not recorded.

Mutual respect and common decency is expected from all participants.
Have fun!  

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