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Community Admin

Editing Software Recommendations

Hey Team, 

Let's use this thread to talk about what good editing software there is out there that we can use. 

I honestly have to sit down more with this topic to get additional proper suggestions and perhaps free alternatives, but for those who are serious about editing and willing to try investing - I would recommend getting the obvious choice of Adobe Premier Pro. 
I have used it before and it is very versatile. You just need a computer that can run it properly. (I have to update to a new laptop eventually to be able to run the new versions.)

What's great is that you can actually use the app by doing a monthly payment. For just the one app its 20US a month, which is good. 

You can get started with it using a trial at 

For mobile, the current thing I have that works decently well is Adobe Clip. 
I am still waiting for a much better editing mobile app. So maybe there is something better out there now. 

Please continue this thread with other suggestions or questions!

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