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Various Resources

Hi everyone,
Here is a link to a google file that contains a number of resources. Some of the resources are specifically about peer support/counseling, some are from a mindfulness based strengths practice workshop I did (which may be helpful in identifying and working with peoples strengths), and one is a working document containing a draft of a peer support contract that we can work off of.

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  • I'm having trouble getting the links to work. But you should be able to access the resources here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B16DVDsZrIFySmFlc3BuTTZXN0k...;


    Mental Health Resources - Google Drive
    • I was able to open this one. Wow this is so awesome yay! Thanks so much Bren! If all of us can take a look at these and atleast skim what jumps out at us before next Monday it would make for a great conversation!

      Mental Health Resources - Google Drive
  • Community Admin
    Bren I think to get the links to work - don't charge the url thst appears after u attach a file. Just click OK. (If that's what's happening.)
    • A url doesnt appear for most of them. :/ I'm making a google docs folder and will just share it here. I think that might be the easiest.


This reply was deleted.

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