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Scheduling a Google Hangout

Hello All,

I'd like to schedule a Google Hangout next Monday during team work schedules for this team to chat live about what we need to prepare ourselves for a successful public launch. Can all comment below with a time between 9AM and 4PM Pacific Standard Time that would work best for them.

Many Thanks!


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  • Awesome job Beth on taking initiative. A reminder that any Mental Health Team hangouts would naturally be offline unless mentioned otherwise. I am feeling that in addition to POSSIBLY having it align with the scheduled Work Period on Mondays (between 9am - 4pm), it would make sense to have it later in the day when people are available, and any day of the week. Finding a routine is totally cool too.&amp
    I am going to put in a suggestion of Wednesday evenings at around 10pm ESTish. And state the obvious, if I am not there thats totally cool.
    • Thanks for the suggestions Brendon. Yes offline, and yes evenings would make more sense. Let's see how 10 is for everyone. I know that's a little late for me.


    • Ya true. I change my suggestion to sometime more like 7pm EST or what ever timezone makes sense for who is involved.
  • 10ish works for me :) I'm out on the west coast so thats not too late on my end.


    • Ah I see now that Brendon said 10 EST that works fine for me as it is 7 PM my time as well being that I am in California. 

This reply was deleted.

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