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A real world interactive game to help shift consciousness.
Creating conscious media and a global team of Shifters and Paradigm Shift Communities.
-- Hacking the Matrix with Love --

Team Overview

Team Objectives: To create healthy ongoing community discussion and support for those interested in the topic of Mental Health. To help de-stigmatize the topic and those related to it. 

Participation Involved: Sharing your voice, listening to others, providing links to resources, providing personal insight, advice, and support for each other, private team voice / video chat, etc.

Currently Open For New Members.

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  • One tip I do and it sometimes work's. I pretend my phone is a one way shield generator. And i put all aux power to shields.
  • As I get more comfortable with this setup, I will make myself available for personal sessions, all free of charge.
  • As the planet gets closer to the shift, the interaction we have with each other will intensify, if your in a mall with allot of people, your reality will be pulled all over the place, just know, this is something that will pass. Try not to always react based on how you feel, there are allot of mad angry people for what ever reason. You will feel like a bi polar or a skitzo. BTW I have been diagnosed with both, if you Don't have at least one mental so called issue, then your not helping with the shift. ( I'm being extreme not everyone will feel this extreme the same, I just say it like that for contrast.)
  • Hey High Vibe Humans,
    Glad we are able to connect in this digital space. I'm here to offer assistance and healing. My mission is to Save the world one adventure at a time, One person at a time.
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Discussion Forum

Various Resources

Hi everyone, https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B16DVDsZrIFySmFlc3BuTTZXN0k?usp=sharingHere is a link to a google file that contains a number of resources. Some of the resources are specifically about peer support/counseling, some are from a mindfulness based strengths practice workshop I did (which may be helpful in identifying and working with peoples strengths), and one is a working document containing a draft of a peer support contract that we can work off of.-Bren

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4 Replies · Reply by Beth Fehrensen Jun 5
Community Admin

Awakening Healing Energy by Mantak Chia (PDF)

Here is a link to a pdf that I am sharing. It is a very valuable read related to understanding subtle energies within our body, the dynamics of them, and our own healing potential.  If you are not familiar with Mantak Chia I suggest taking some time to read more from him. I can post some additional PDFs later. They can also be found manually within the hidden library on the website.  Mantak%20Chia%20-%20Awaken%20Healing%20Energy.pdf  Who here has come across Mantak Chia before?

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1 Reply · Reply by Beth Fehrensen Jun 5

Scheduling a Google Hangout

Hello All, I'd like to schedule a Google Hangout next Monday during team work schedules for this team to chat live about what we need to prepare ourselves for a successful public launch. Can all comment below with a time between 9AM and 4PM Pacific Standard Time that would work best for them. Many Thanks! Beth

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5 Replies · Reply by Beth Fehrensen Jun 5

Throwing out suggestions

I'm looking forward to this being a beneficial part of the website. I'd like to suggest we take shifts at particular times of day at which we are available for voice and video chat with people who need support. We can then post on the media streams who is available and when so people know when they can reach out and who they would be able to get in touch with. It might also be a good idea to figure out which shifters want to and don't want to work on specific topics i.e. maybe someone is really…

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7 Replies · Reply by Bren Boyd Jun 5

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