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Light Hearted Numbered Articles

Hey peeps,

So Brendon suggested a lovely simple article "Top Three Reasons to Get Out in Nature". I love this as I tend to get WAAAAAAAYYYY too deep and heady all the time with what I write about. Also I love nature and find it highly important to engage with the outdoors on a regular basis so this hits home for me. I'm gonna start working on this now in a googledoc and I will share my first draft here as a discussion so that you guys can offer feedback, input, and editing. I'm thinking about approaching the top three concept by choosing one reason for each the body, mind, and spirit, so the numerical order of one, two, and three, will not be a hierarchy or anything like that. I'm off to make this happen. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!



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  • Woot! Awesome initiatives Beth! Ya I feel that doing Light Hearted number articles is a key source for ideas and creative writing practice.

    Another one I had way back that maybe someone wants to pick up would be something like "5 Reasons Being Vegan is Sexy".

    Honestly I am interested in the concept of kinda playing with the psychology of click bait titles but in a mindful way while still making the content good quality!
    • Lol Brendon I love this title and fully support someone else writing it as I am back to eating hamburgers. 

  • Here's the article peeps. Hit me with your thoughts.

    You wake up, you check your phone,


    “Did anyone like my latest Instagram post? What’s the new Snapchat filter? What was my crush doing last night? *Facebook stalking ensues*.”


    Bing! Your calendar reminders start going off for all of the day's commitments.


    You check your Emails and pray no one left you a voicemail while you were asleep.


    “Do I have any texts I read yesterday that I have yet to respond to?”


    Off to work where you most likely sit in front of a computer for several hours and if you’re lucky enough to not, you are most likely under florescent lights inside of a not so well ventilated building.


    This lifestyle my friends is most likely why you are reading an article titled “Top Three Reasons to Get Out in Nature”. Sometimes we need a little extra motivation to inspire us to do what we already know we need to do, so here it is.


    Number 1. Your soul craves expansive landscapes in which it can peacefully extend itself beyond the confines of a cubicle, an office, any enclosed structure. Most of us live in heavily populated environments where our auras and energy fields are packed in like sardines next to our co-workers, neighbors, family, and so forth. Even if you live in an area where you must share your green spaces with several others, the outdoors offer an endless expanse in which your energy body can be at ease. You can trust that mother nature and her creatures will buffer you from any negative energy and you can let go. Let go of that shield you have to hold up against energy vampires and the many tangible and intangible environmental toxins of confined indoor environments.


    Number 2. When you are outside solely for the sake of being outside. When you are soaking up sun, listening to water, treading a path lightly, dipping in ponds, witnessing the daily birth cycles of blossoms, as so many yoga teachers have said in savasana, “there is nothing to do and nowhere to go.” Being outside is waking savasana for the mind. No matter what you are doing, as long as you are out of doors, you can take in a deep breath, receive the life force energy that is given to you from the plants and return it back to them transformed. It is imperative to take moments to simply breath in societies where fast paced competition and celebrated endless drive for more success leaves simplicity in the dust. Going outside is an act of choosing to breath alongside all that is within and without, it is a choice to dance effortlessly with nature. What can be more nourishing than that?


    Number 3. Movement! Nothing in nature is stagnant, everything is ALIVE. Connecting with the infinite life that is gracefully exploding from every corner and crevice of mother earth is the perfect way to activate the will within yourself that calls you to move. Have you ever been standing by a gushing stream and felt a deeply rooted impulse to howl or wiggle your hips? That’s what nature offers us, a call to shake off the doldrums of humdrums, to enliven the muscle and sinew of our human temple with a good old rustle in the winds. Whether you're swimming in a pond, ascending a mountain, or swaying in lotus in the middle of a dandelion dotted field you are always offered in nature on opportunity to be healed by the magic of movement.

    -Beth F

  • Photos for the "Top 3 Reasons to Get Out in Nature" article. All of these are my personal photos taken by me :)

    • Oh in case we want to share where these are the poppy is at Arlington Garden in Pasadena California. The field is in Berkshire County Massachusetts and the desert is overlooking the sand flats in Castle Valley Utah.

    • Awesome photos! Go ahead and start building a draft using the Quest Journal. I will transfer it to articles upon completion.
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