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Below I have created a list of ten possible topics/titles for forthcoming conscious articles. If you are interested in writing any of these please make a comment below letting us know that you intend to write that article. Also please feel free to create another discussion with additional topics/titles. I think it best we do not add additional titles/topics in the comments because I worry they will get lost there.

1. Five Reasons Being Vegan is Sexy "See Brendon for me detail as this was his suggestion"

2. Noting moments in recent films that share a similarity to the film Amelie *see Glen for more detail *

3. Top three most beneficial practices for safely uncovering and working with stuffed emotions for the purpose of closure and healing *See Beth for more detail*

4. ET contact, Why It's Important and How It Affects You. *See Beth for more detail*

5. Conscious Fiction Reviews

6. Adulting; What They Didn't Tell You About Growing Up *See Beth for more detail*

7. Co-creation: Romance & Ascension *See Beth for more detail*

8. Play: The Value of Recreational Creative Improvisation *See Beth for more detail*

9. 10 Ways You Can Participate in Soil Reclamation Anywhere on Any Budget. * I have no idea what the ten ways are but I want someone to write this article so that I will know! :) *

10. What's All This Talk about Communes & Eco Villages: Why Everyone is Downloading a Message to Commune with Each Other & Nature *See Beth for more detail*

Happy researching, writing, and reading! I'm so excited to get at all these topics and to see what topics others bring to the table as well!



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