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A real world interactive game to help shift consciousness.
Creating conscious media and a global team of Shifters and Paradigm Shift Communities.
-- Hacking the Matrix with Love --

Team Overview

Team Objectives: To collaborate and create Conscious Articles for the game that are entertaining, educational, and inspiring.

Skills Involved: Researching, writing, journalism, video creation, graphics, distributing through social media, critical eye for detail

Currently Open For New Members.

6 Shifters
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  • Community Admin
    Hey Beth! As mentioned in the Team Chat, something Light hearted - Top 3 Reasons To Get Out in Nature or something :D
  • Also Glenn can you elaborate on what you mean to say in your may 12th comment? Thanks!
  • Hey peeps I'm feeling the call to write but I'm not sure what the subject should be. I useually approach my writing as more of a personal journal and I want to make it a collaborative team effort this time. Do you have any specific subjects you would like to see me write an article on? If so please hit me up ASAP I wanna get this prana flowing into some words. Peace
  • Amelie Moments in recent Films
This reply was deleted.

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Light Hearted Numbered Articles

Hey peeps, So Brendon suggested a lovely simple article "Top Three Reasons to Get Out in Nature". I love this as I tend to get WAAAAAAAYYYY too deep and heady all the time with what I write about. Also I love nature and find it highly important to engage with the outdoors on a regular basis so this hits home for me. I'm gonna start working on this now in a googledoc and I will share my first draft here as a discussion so that you guys can offer feedback, input, and editing. I'm thinking about…

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6 Replies · Reply by Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon on Sunday

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