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Team Objectives: To collaborate and create Conscious Articles for the game that are entertaining, educational, and inspiring.

Skills Involved: Researching, writing, journalism, video creation, graphics, distributing through social media, critical eye for detail

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Light Hearted Numbered Articles

Hey peeps, So Brendon suggested a lovely simple article "Top Three Reasons to Get Out in Nature". I love this as I tend to get WAAAAAAAYYYY too deep and heady all the time with what I write about. Also I love nature and find it highly important to engage with the outdoors on a regular basis so this hits home for me. I'm gonna start working on this now in a googledoc and I will share my first draft here as a discussion so that you guys can offer feedback, input, and editing. I'm thinking about…

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7 Replies · Reply by Alec Scott Tucker Feb 10

A List of Possible Topics/Titles for Forthcoming Conscious Articles

Below I have created a list of ten possible topics/titles for forthcoming conscious articles. If you are interested in writing any of these please make a comment below letting us know that you intend to write that article. Also please feel free to create another discussion with additional topics/titles. I think it best we do not add additional titles/topics in the comments because I worry they will get lost there. 1. Five Reasons Being Vegan is Sexy "See Brendon for me detail as this was his…

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  • Yo Team, just as a reminder - we are activating stuff right about meow. So I think what will be best is when we get to use the voice chat to talk to each other. For those around during tonights Team Work Period, Monday, 7pm - 11pm+ EST, we will be able to brainstorm the topic of Conscious Articles. 

    Please feel free to check in if you read this.

    What are some article topics you guys would like to see the team create?

  • Hello all!!! I'm looking forward to being a part of and contributing to this team.
  • Hey Team, even though Shift broadcasts are on hold this week cus I am finishing the war documentary with my dad, this is a great time to be getting started on future articles we can release. I still plan to do one about Finding Spiritual Strength through the Loss of a Pet.

    You guys got some ideas for things you want to work on? Much love.
  • Hey Beth! As mentioned in the Team Chat, something Light hearted - Top 3 Reasons To Get Out in Nature or something :D
  • Also Glenn can you elaborate on what you mean to say in your may 12th comment? Thanks!
  • Hey peeps I'm feeling the call to write but I'm not sure what the subject should be. I useually approach my writing as more of a personal journal and I want to make it a collaborative team effort this time. Do you have any specific subjects you would like to see me write an article on? If so please hit me up ASAP I wanna get this prana flowing into some words. Peace
  • Amelie Moments in recent Films
This reply was deleted.

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