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PSC TV broadcasts scheduled community content.
New 24 hour schedule begins every Monday.
Communicate with other Shifters while watching what's broadcasting.

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Shifters earn Shift Points in exchange for
successfully creating Quest Journals and Conscious Articles,
along with other game related tasks and activities.
Shift Points can be exchanged for Shift Buttons
once the Team Patreon reaches beyond the 1111 milestone.

Shift Tools


The content bellow is still relevant, but will be getting updated in the near future. In the meantime, still give it a read and listen to get inspired and started. 

Shiftivism Tools

- Shiftivism Tools - 

Shiftivism Tools are a variety of print files that anyone can use to help plant conscious seeds while sharing and connect people to
Specific tools are designed to be incorporated into acts of Shiftivism in your community. 

In addition to all of these Shiftivism Tools, be sure to also check out the Shift Buttons.

NEW - Download all the below in one easy zip file
The Paradigm Shift Admin Tool Kit
Valuable tools to help get you build a Paradigm Shift Community where you are. 

Click to Enlarge Images. Right Click - Save As. 
Print on 8.5 x 11 paper unless noted otherwise. 

See examples of the Shiftivism Tools in action. 


- Free Hugs Sign -

To save money on printing, use this dual version bellow. Print on 11 x 17 cardstock and cut it in half. 

- Pamphlets -

- Posters -



(With Website Tabs) 

- 2 Sided Business Card -

> Download Print File  <


- Stickers -
<More Coming Soon>

- Shift Buttons -



- 2 Person Shift Signs -
(Assembly Required. Scissors & Tape.)

Download Individual Print Files 
(Print, trim, tape) 

"We are collective consciousness, 
experiencing itself subjectively."

"Open Your Heart"

"As you think so shall you become"

"Feel the rhythm
Feel Connected"



The Shift is You.


∞ Open Your Eyes to Reclaim Your Prize ∞