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It's one thing to go to a transformational festival... but to be able to return to another dimension of it within the dream space? Wow. 

On the day of the full moon, I was gifted the chance to return to Lucidity Festival within the dream space once more in order to heal and grow. 

Since 2013, Lucidity Festival has can continued to grow as a part of my personal life. Creating the Journey to Lucidity movie saga has been an ongoing opportunity and lesson that I am incredibly grateful to experience and share. 

This year, while filming Journey to Lucidity 4: Gates of Perception, there were several challenges that I was faced with. Even though I have returned back to Canada from California, my heart still remains deeply connected to the festival, and my personal experience and lessons from it. So, knowing that there was still more for my consciousness to experience related to it... I found myself returning to it... within the dream space.

The colours, the energy, the vibe.... it was also so vibrant, and alive. The festival is a container for individuals who are intentionally walking the shared path of awakening consciousness. Those attracted to it are amongst the Vanguard within the shift. And so with the energy here on the earth plane, I wonder, is it possible that our collective thoughts are building common shared space for the festival to exist in the astral? Or perhaps it was always the other way around? Can more and more of us return to this dream festival space and meet up in?

Being able to return to it in this dream was deepening and healing for me on multiple levels, and I am fascinated by the idea us intentionally returning there together.

The fact that today is the full moon is also very prevalent. I feel this synchs with the healing energy that allowed me to experience what I did. 
This is my raw dream log of my healing experience and what I felt.

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0N3 L0V3

- Brendon 

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