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Understanding How the Awakening Works

G'day beautiful people. Did you know that our solar system is moving through space and as it moves around the galaxy it pass's through different pockets of electromagnetic frequency's that can increase and decrease the power of human consciousness. The current pocket is approximately 2000 years wide that our solar system roughly entered into around the years 2010-2012.

Known collectively on this planet as the awakening because this pocket of energy has an increasing effect on our awareness making us naturally smarter and more in tune with higher dimensional forms of consciousness as the days and years pass us by.

People like myself who are psychic are the front runners of this awakening and feel and experience the awakening at an accelerated rate compared to everyone else. We are known as old souls, we are the rainbow warriors of prophecy.

We are only 6 years into this 2000 year journey meaning we are not even half of 1% awakened yet and it is already becoming so exciting. We are starting to find each other and build the tribe via the internet and in years to come we will become the leaders of the planet overshadowing all forms of government, corporatocracy and military rule. What I know of already that is on the horizon is simply mind boggling and awe inspiring.

The hardest part of the awakening so far is sharing with others what you know of. How do you describe the colours of a rainbow when everyone you care about and know on a personal level is still colour blind and stuck in the old energy that no longer serves purpose on this planet. Be prepared for rapid emotional and conscious transformation within your lives. Our emotional value systems will be modified first meaning we will no longer relate emotionally to others and circumstances the same way ever again. Remaining vigilant during these transformations can keep the emotional destruction to a minimum. Lots of relationships, lovers, family, and friends are going to feel the same emotional turbulence.

Do your best to support your immediate network of fellow humans and learn to accept, acknowledge and forgive rather than blame and despise. When you reach a place of unconditional acceptance of the good, bad and in-between circumstances that allowed you to become who you are right now then know are well on your way towards becoming a fully awakened human and after the discomfort of waking up consciously and removing the emotional obstacles that have hindered your personal development are complete you will find yourself in a place of personal freedom, the likes of which you have never felt before.

Good luck and always remember self-empowerment is a powerful ally. A simple truth most of us old souls forgot because we are too busy trying to save everyone else from their internal troubles not realising all we really need to do is be the example and then others will become attracted to what we have already got.....uncondisional love in abundance created from a centred heart.

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