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Quest Journals

Uncovering Higher Truths. Part 2

The following is a continuation from a previous Quest Journal entry "Uncovering Higher Truths - Part 1".  For the past few days I have been having an ongoing conversation with a fellow who contacted me with an offer related to a spiritual community. His initial email prompted me to reply with some of my own thoughts and perceptions about spirituality and enlightenment to help us see beyond illusions.

Even more questions were asked after my first reply and this is my latest response. The information I share one on one via emails I feel is often valuable for others to read as a third party to inform, inspire or even confirm what a lot of us shifters all ready believe in or are warming too via the global awakening taking place in regards to multidimensional awareness and the higher mind connection where great wisdom is held within us all. You just need to learn how to tap into it so you can create understandings and expressions in ways that have never been shared before......making old wisdom new again with a modern spin.

(Read with an Australian accent.)

Hi Theo,

G’day mate how ya going. (Aussie slang for “hello, how are you”) Well, coffee is on hand and I had a good night’s rest, time to tap into my higher mind and create another insight from my thoughts about your question.

I just watched a video about Iboga and read a few articles and must say I am not really attracted to this experience.

First reason when you smoke DMT the effect wears off really quick and your sober state of mind returns back to normal. It’s a 10-15 min trip with no feelings of nausea and half an hour after that you are completely sober to the point where no one would even be able to tell what you just did. If you want more do it again and half an hour after that you will be sober again to be able to reflect on the experience. It’s a completely non addictive and I think the safest way to access the higher mind and higher dimensional reality as a whole.

The effect of Iboga seems to last a really long time and does not create the same type of inter-dimensional connections like DMT can even though it does sound like you can access inner/higher aspects of your consciousness and begin to understand yourself better. There are many different types of psychedelics out there to choose from that can alter your consciousness. I guess you just have to do your research and find an experience that you are most attracted to and then seek it out.

What I am most attracted to with DMT is that different spirits you meet within different inter-dimensional journeys have different sensory skills and can show you things and tell you things about yourself and the universe from many different perspectives. They seem to communicate in such a way where as to make the experience relative to their own existence, experience and belief as well as trying to complement your own belief system (embodied information). So you can end up having insights (higher dimensional conversations) that involve lots of different opinions and points of views that then allows you to create many different perceptions to be able to understand yourself better and reality as a whole here in lower dimensional reality.

Always keep in mind that even though spirits are not physical they are still just like us in many ways. They are having their own experience and exploring information also it’s just that they are doing it in higher dimensional reality, where as we are in lower dimensional reality and their awareness and sensory skills are much more advanced than ours. There are smart spirits and there are not so smart spirits. So you will exchange lots of ideas and points of views just the same as if you were talking and expressing yourself with lots of different humans from lots of different locations. The variations are immense. A lot of people just don’t realize that even though higher dimensional reality exists and is easy to gain access to the spirits that exist there are still very much trying to figure things out just like we are and create new experiences for themselves.

Where as Iboga seems to only allow you access to your own inner self. Not saying that there is anything wrong with that but there is a clear distinction. I like the thought of communicating with really old, experienced and well seasoned veterans rather than just exploring my own untapped consciousness by myself. A lot of spirits will access that part of your mind anyways and give you a heads up if they feel something needs to be acknowledged and healed so you can better understand yourself and raise your awareness.

The personality you embody, the strength of your virtues, the degree of morality and how you relate it towards emotional energy will all play a part in the perception perceived in regard to higher dimensional interactions. That’s one of the biggest reasons why there is so much variation in different spiritual practices (religions) around the world and from times past. Everyone is/was gaining access to higher dimensional reality, it’s just that the points of view held within one's lower dimensional mind and then the way it is expressed are all different and relative to culture and environment.

You have to look and think on a deeper level to see the connections. Even though the outcomes are all different the process is the same. “All roads lead to Rome”, Enlightenment can be reached from any of them. Some just allow you to get there faster, some are more drawn out...... each serves a purpose and none are better than another.

Anyways that’s my view/perception,

Have a great day,



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> Art by Adam Scott Miller 

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