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People! Full moon shit is happening!

Virgo is my sun sign and the full moon is in my first house this time around 0_0 BOOM!


I have a coworker who has a spirit that she has been carrying for a few years now. She asked me week before last when I was sick if I would help her process a dream about this spirit. I had no energy stores to contain this experience. Last night we were working together. The store was dead and these two wonderful people came in. We started communing over the humorous names of some of our products and we ended up spending almost two hours talking about one of the individual's journey as a psychic with a past love one who is now working with them in the form of an angel. This opened the door to some serious unfolding for my coworker around her relationship to the spirit she holds. It was fucking CRAY. AND BEAUTIFUL. I was so amazed at how my coworker drew this person into our store through the power of manifestation. We learned from this psychic about another psychic that we both would like to go see. Upon returning home my coworker was able to journal and come to some huge clarifications about here role and relationship with the spirit she carries. She was able to redefine how she’s standing in relationship with this energy and others (new moon virgo ;) ) Of course I wrote the paradigmshiftcentral website on some receipt tape for our friends and hopefully we will see them here soon!


For me I went to bed and had a dreamtime experience that I labeled "soul work" while journaling about it at 3 AM. This is what our psychic friend referred to her professional development studies as. I'm not sure it's the type of soul work she does, but that's what my psyche called it. So what was this soul work?!


I was both dreaming that I was back at work with my coworker and our friends, and I was sorta in an in-between consciousness state where I was laying in bed with my hand on my heart.I was like planning and orchestrating my path external to me by way of energetic "manipulation". In both the dream and in this in-between there was this structure of relationships that I was forming. I was using my energy to evaluate the moves I needed to make. I know this dream was a reality and I can use this mechanism I was using in waking, in fact I already am. I just had yet to "know it". Source told me it's called "triangulation".


I wrote in my journal about this experience, "I have selves, it was like I was aligning all the selves." In the dream there was this woman in some plain, not at my work physically, who I wanted to be with and I was working to get closer to her, I was morphing energies via step progression. My goal was to triangulate the spectrum. I was working with my co worker but at the same time I was in my bed sleeping and I was actively requesting from the universe specific connections with women for the benefit of love and spiritual ascension. It ALL came from the heart. I was trying to infiltrate a system."


As I tried to recall exactly what I was doing in the dream and in the in-between upon waking, I was having a seriously hard time walking between worlds to "remember". I kept feeling this three pronged web emanating from my heart out to the paths I was working with. There was career and relationship (this was my internal process with tirangulation) but there were also these women’s processes. I was taking my time to manipulate and control each one of them into having a deep intimate connection with me. It was as if I was singing a siren song. I have a deep connection with Persephone so this makes total sense that I would also play the role of a siren.


The web that was emanating from my heart was like this sparkling channel between me and them that I traveled on . It was like pink and white crystal dust, or pearls.


In journaling I said that I wanted to know how to do  in waking what I was doing in the dream. I wanted to know why I was doing it and how I could use it to my benefit. I was directed to this video that was waiting for me in my email inbox


from this video I derived the understanding that I am to follow the heart, not the mind, and direct desire through heart pull via life force energy.


I remembered that in the Reiki Mystery School book that I'm reading which is by Karyn K. Mitchell, N.D., Ph.D. I learned that just below the heart and above the solar plexus is the place of action. Months ago I informed my partner of the need to strengthen the channel between heart and solar plexus. I didn't even know this is called the leydes center until recently. [holy fuck as I am writing this quest journal I dove forward in the book to give you Mitchell's info on the leydes and I find the image for the "Inner Triangle Balance" process which is an exact image of what I drew last night in processing this dream without ever seeing this part of the book 0_0 I'll attach photos]


So moving on in the dream I was standing there at work organizing a display while traveling on the sparkle channels via the leydes, heart was directing the action.


In processing the dream I wanted to know how I was doing what I was doing, and what I was trying to accomplish. Source told me that the gatekeepers or "keepers of the keys" have access to this knowledge and I would have to take on a key keeper role to get it now or learn over time by gleaning from key keepers messages and sharing my inquiries with them. At first I didn't want to commit to this role in order to get the info but then I realized I already am a key keeper whether I accept it or not. Given my innate qualities as a teacher, mother, and artist and being this role is not really a choice but accepting it is. So I accepted it in writing and source told me about what I was doing. It said


"You were actively seeking to go home, you were triangulating your mission through (God given intention)."


It went on to say "Cosmic orbit (cosmic orbit being the unisom self-healing meditation outlined on page 33 of Mitchell's book) melds all fields. always traingulate a mission. Through the triangulation method all things are possible.”


I asked source what mission I was triangulating in my dream and it said


"You were taking three women home."


I asked who the women were and they gave me three names, one was the name of the soul that my coworker carries, one I believe is one of my hybrid children, and the third I'm not sure of.


I asked how doing this is of benefit to me. Source said,


"You belong to a sect of sisters that has the rights to lonely children."


I said that was sorta a creepy way to say that and asked what it meant by rights. Source said,


"It means that you have been given the rights of passage to guide them home. You were guiding them home because you can."


I asked about the nature of these children, if they have to be dead humans or are they inner children of adults that are alive. I asked if there was something I needed to be doing actively on the human plain to embody the role in the tangible (I've struggled with this a lot as I have felt obligated to be a social worker or work at a residential facility for youth but it just doesn't fit and hasn't worked out). Source told me that there is nothing I need to do but ascend and I will continue to feel more grounded each day. It told me to follow my excitement. It told me,


"We have a plan and if you continue to listen inward you will effortlessly execute it."


As for the nature of the children source said the possibilities are endless. It gave me a list of possible “lonely children” I could be guiding home. It read as follows



-identities (of dead and alive adults)

-fairy children

-angel children

-hybrid children

-aborted (shells)

-lost childhoods

-inner children


I then asked how to utilize the triangulation method to execute a mission and the answer is as follows


"Activate heart center for fuel. Channel through leydes three goals and intention actions at all times. You can work with goals one at a time but the energy must stand open and flowing to all three goals. This helps to balance and equalize our selves."


I've attached an image I drew of the triangulation process as well as the Inner Triangle Balance meditation image I found in the Reiki Mystery School book after getting my download. I think that I use the books methodthat I was told is triangulation to both direct my spiritual path and to guide the spirit body healing of "lonely children" at a distance on the astral plain. The book outlines how to using it on a client in person.


In my drawing of the method my description of my understanding of this process reads


"Love comes through the heart from an intuitive message that when channeled through leydes toward the divinated goal, will always result in success however the turnout may look."


Please share this! We can heal our spirit body by using this method to manifest our goals from a heart centered place. Also for others who are part of this sect of siren sisters who "have the rights to lonely children" this could be very useful and soul opening! *Remember the word sisters does not exclude any being, we all have feminine aspects.*


Thank you all for being a part of this forum where these aspects of my self and my reality can be received and utilized to their fullest. Happy shifting!



-Beth F

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As an Infinitely creative, empathic, love driven teacher Beth harnesses her inner fairy goddess powers to put her clairvoyance & energy awareness to work via literary arts, healing arts, and nurturing arts.

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