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This is a piece that felt important to share, and was coming through from the Light Beings I work with.

And as a reminder just to tune in with your own heart space, feel the energy in this message, and take it in if it aligns/feels resonant <3


“You do not emanate your Aura, your Aura emanates you.”

We come into a physical manifestation of consciousness through higher dimensional realms that are increasingly less dense as you go up the vibrational scale. It is important to keep in mind that energetic maintenance is just as important as up-keep of the physical vessel itself, because, indeed, the thought-forms and patterns of energetic creation that you put your attention into can create blockages that eventually manifest themselves as physical dis-ease. 

While maintaining a diet of high vibrational foods such as fruits, vegetables, lots of clean fresh water (such as spring water- and ensuring the consumption of wide spectrum minerals, it is imperative that you engage in energetic practices as well to dissolve some of the patterns and belief systems that have been passed down to you from your parents through DNA and in the thought realm that have impacted your development. Having a practice that enables you to tune-in with your own essence will allow you to make the expression of your authentic soul more prominent in your energetic field and begin emanating frequencies that are more aligned with the belief systems that serve your highest joy. This will start to attract the abundance you need to live a life that is in full alignment with the expression you choose, making it easier to un-stick and disrupt programs of functioning that are in various degrees of the subconscious scales.

Some practices that we suggest would include mindfulness meditation, observing the breath, and anything that you tune into that will raise your energy and connect you with the Earth’s Harmonic frequencies. If you set the intention to find a practice that will work for you, you will surely align yourself with one as there are many forms of energy work that resonate with people based on their current energetic makeup.

It is highly recommended to charge energy and connect with the root chakra whenever it comes to mind. One method of doing this is to simply visualize a red wheel of light at the base of your spine, imagine infusing it with energy and watching it grow larger. If you have trouble visualizing you may also use deep tones in the voice to activate it through sound. This enhancement of the Chakras related to connecting with the physical dimension will allow you to integrate the higher energies coming to you now at this time, and help you stay grounded in your own intentions as to create the reality that you prefer in partnership with Mother Gaia.

Thank you for reading this transmission and we wish you the highest blessings moving forward through this time of great transformation.

Sweet Blessings Beloved Ones,

The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light


Placing your attention in the feet and legs can also be used in times when you're feeling really caught in the whirlwind. 

And some resources for further exploration:

Dr. Amit Goswami- Theoretical Quantum Physicist

The book "Eastern Body Western Mind" by Anodea Judith

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