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Quest Journals

The Adventure of Awakening (Short Story)

  • There are a group of people all standing together talking and laughing and enjoying the day when on the horizon they see a great shining light. It’s a light they have seen before, it’s bright and vibrant. Even when the light of the day turns into the darkness of the night the brightness of this shining light remained on the horizon but it never really captured enough of their attention up until now to go and have a look for themselves. The people called out to their friends and asked where is that light coming from it seems to be getting brighter has anyone ever ventured over towards the horizon in that direction and journeyed towards the light. Most had blank faces and said why would you want to go over there and waste your time effort to find a light when we already have everything we need right here.

  • Then there was one in the group that said I have wasted my time and effort and I saw the light years ago when It was just a sparkle on the horizon I have been many times to see it. I can not believe why any of you have not wanted to go and take a closer look. As the days passed since I first journeyed towards the light it got brighter and brighter, were you all looking the other way. The group replied we saw it just like you did but we were busy doing other things and thought not much of it because we were already happy with the light we had and it did not make much sense to go and have a look at a silly light when we already had one. 
  • Well said the man, it made perfect sense to me to go and have a look. I had always wondered why would there be a light that seemed so close but just out of reach and no one wanted to find it. It did not seem too far for me when I thought about going to take a look, so one day I said fuck it I’m going to have a look for myself and see what this light is all about. Tell us more said the group and if we like your story maybe we might go and take a look for ourselves but you better not bullshit, because we know you are a tripper and not everything you say makes sense. Well said the man this is a story about magic and lore and I bet you will not believe me but I will tell you anyway.
  • One day a couple years ago I packed a few supply’s into a bag a set off in the direction of the light not knowing how long it would take me to find it I thought I might need a few things to help me along the way. After walking at what seemed like a snail’s pace I came across a man sitting under a tree and as I approached this man it looked like he was asleep but he was sitting up right with his legs in a funny position not lying down and as I got up close to him he opened his eyes and said how you going mother fucker, it took me by surprise and I said yeah not bad what’s your name and he replied my name is Budda and I’m a prince. I said really a prince and he said yeah and all this land belongs to me, that path you are on is my path how do you like it so far and I said it’s a pretty long path and it has got a lot of nice scenery, what are you doing sitting under this tree. Budda said as he opened his hands many years ago I planted a seed here just like this one and it grew into this tree and I like to come and sit under it from time to time. I said this is a really cool tree Budda what is the name of that seed your holding I have never seen one like that before and Budda said it’s called the seed of life and this tree is called the tree of life. I said that's an awesome name for a tree Budda, it seems like it is growing in a geometric pattern. Budda said yeah that’s how the seed of life grows, first from a seed and then into a tree and given enough time it produces the most amazing flowers and I said let me guess you named the flowers the flower of life and Budda said yeah it kind of fits in with the whole seed of life, tree of life theme. I said cool names man but what are you doing with your legs crossed in such a funny looking position and Budda said well I’m meditating to strengthen my mind within and help me create balance with my energy. I said to Budda why would you want to do that Budda and Budda said well up this path a little bit there is another man called Jesus he is a friend of mine and we love to give each other shit if you meet him you will find out why balance is so important. What are you doing here anyways and I said well I saw this sparkle of light on the horizon and could not stop thinking about it. So I thought I might take a closer look for myself and check it out. Well said Budda, even though that sparkle of light seems quite close it’s actually a fair way up this path you should go and see my mate Jesus he has got some pretty cool wheels that will help you get there faster, that is if you can make them spin fast enough. I said I might just do that Budda thanks for the heads up. So I got up to keep on walking further along Buddas path but before I left Budda he said here take this and he threw me the seed of life that he was holding and said you might need this one day put it in your bag.
  • After walking at what seemed like a snail’s pace again along Budda’s path I finally found Jesus and as I approached Jesus he said how you going mother fucker and I thought to myself wow these guys don’t hold back they must not worry about first impressions. Hi Jesus, I said how you going mate I just met your friend Budda and he said you might be able to help me along his path get closer to the sparkle of light I’m looking for. Jesus said his path this is my path that cheeky mother fucker I bet he told you he was a prince as well. I said yeah he did. Jesus then said well let me tell you something young man, Budda might be a prince but I’m the son of god and that is heaps cooler than just a prince. I said fair enough, Budda told me you had some pretty cool wheels where is your car man and Jesus said car... who needs one of those my wheels are heaps better than a car they are called chakras, you want a go for a ride along my path. I said yeah let's go it looks like it might get dark before I find the light. Jesus said don’t worry about the dark I got that covered these chakra wheels will spin really fast and get you closer to the light before you know it, how good is your balance. I said pretty good why. Jesus then said well I can only give you this red one because the rest have been booked out by some of my other friends and I need to wait for them here. I said how do you ride a one wheeled chakra really fast and Jesus said, well as long as you keep it grounded and balanced I’m sure you will get the hang of it. I said fair enough thanks Jesus. Jesus then said take it easy bro, O and by the way when you get to the river slow down a bit and find my mate Moses he will help you cross to the other side. 
  • After balancing, grounding and then riding my red chakra further up the path towards the light I could see it was getting brighter but I needed to ditch the chakra because there was a massive river coming up ahead. Once I reached the river I saw Moses standing there near the bank, so I walked over to him and he turned around and said hello there young man you must be the mother fucker that Jesus spoke of and I said yeah that’s what he called me how did you know. Moses said well Jesus is the son of god and they talk to each other all the time. I’ve never met god but he talks to me from up there in the light and he told me you were on your way and to meet you here. I said cool man but how are you going to get me across the river. Moses said well I’ve got this magical staff hidden in my pants let me just whip it out and I’ll show you how big it is. I said hang on a minute Moses what are you up too. Moses said do you want to get across the river or not and I said yes I do but how is a magical staff hidden in your pants going to help me get across the river. Moses said just turn around and look over there for a minute while I whip it out. I said all right but what you just said does not sound right Moses. Moses said don’t worry about that I just want to make sure Noah isn’t coming in his big ass boat with all those animals and your eye sight is better than mine and you can see further up the river than I can. I said to Moses it does not look like there are any boats coming, what are you going to do. Moses said well this magical staff can part the river so you can walk across and get to the other side. I said gee thanks Moses your awesome man and Moses said yeah I know, now get going I can’t hold my big staff for very long anymore in fact how would you like to help me hold my big staff and I’ll show you a magic trick. I said I’ll be right, thanks anyway Moses I really just want to get to the other side and continue towards the light. Moses said there you go mother fucker now get going before my magic runs out and you find a big load of water crashing down on you. 
  • Once on the other side of the river the path lead me down into a pit that was surrounded by cliffs and I could see the light shining at the top of it. I was nearly there and all I needed to do was get to the top of the cliff somehow as I walked closer to the cliff faces there was a snake that was coiled up sleeping it looked like it was coiled up 3 and half times round. As I approached the snake I could see it had lots of colours on its scales and it spoke to me with one eye open and said I am the rainbow serpent what do you want. I said I really need to get up there and reach the light I’ve been on this path now for what seems like forever and now I’m stuck, I don’t suppose you know how to get up there where the light is do you and the rainbow serpent said I can help you but you need to get me the Dream Magic Tree so I have got the strength to awaken and ascend up there. I said to the rainbow serpent where will I find some Dream Magic Trees and the rainbow serpent said if you look around there should be a few options closer than you think. I back tracked a bit and found an Acacia tree that had a sign near it that said Dream Magic within me, so I took a branch that had lots of bark and leaves on it and took it back to the rainbow serpent. The rainbow serpent said perfect just what I need now hold onto me and we will ascend up towards the light. I said cool thanks rainbow serpent what’s so special about the Dream Magic Tree. The rainbow serpent said the Dream Magic Tree has got a massive amount of energy hidden within it and the smallest amount will always wake me up very fast and I can uncoil myself and ascend towards the light where you want to go. I said let’s do it, is there any danger by using the Dream Magic Tree and the rainbow serpent said no don’t be silly it’s the only thing that will wake me up fast enough so we can ascend and reach the light, have no fear we will be there in no time at all you’ll see and with that the rainbow serpent said away we go and we ascended up the cliff and reached the top within seconds where the light was. I thanked the rainbow serpent and it told me anytime you need to ascend just find the Dream Magic Tree bring it to me and I’ll get you up there as many times as you like. 
  • Once on top of the cliff I walked towards the light and saw a sign that had a golden sticker on it that read, Abundance this way you are nearly there. I was so excited all of my efforts of walking Budda’s and Jesus path had paid off. I stepped into the light and could see what looked like the flower of life and there were so many colours it was the best feeling ever. As soon as I got used to focusing on the colours and geometric shapes some spirits welcomed me and said well done you made it, now you can start the next path it’s called the path of enlightenment and there is no rush take as much time as you want. You can even go back home and come back with all your friends and walk this path of enlightenment together if you want too, we will show you how. So that’s what I did, I came all the way back home and tried to share my adventure but no one wanted to know up until now because that sparkle of light I saw that I was attracted too many years ago has now turned into a great shining light that has finally captured your attention. If you want I can show you the way back and we can all walk the path of enlightenment together and see where it leads us too. Then someone in the group said dude you are the biggest tripper I have ever met I told you not to bullshit to us and I said I’m not bullshitting, it’s real and the rainbow serpent is easy to wake up, it will help you ascend into the light all you need to do is find the Dream Magic Tree.  


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