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Quest Journals

This weeks journey has been that of a great legend, I have covered much ground and run into my shadow not knowing what it was at first. I quit drinking 4 months ago, since then my clarity has increased, and so my lively hood as well. Then i went into a depression again. Something I struggle with constantly, I have been involved with this project since that depression and it has given me new light to life and allowed me to begin my transformation into a greater man. A wonderful human being. I am still embarked on this transformation, but today I realized the weeks lessons and purposes. The Jedi training videos and motivational videos in my Youtube were all a part of the documenting process that I will ensure you get to watch.  Throughout the week different lessons were presented and those easy ones that come immediately prepare you for the larger tests that we are going to be given. The Jedi log videos and staff training videos, that was the first weeks lessons. It was about being healthy that's step one, get healthy and  strong, the log builds muscle as you naturally throw it around. It is an obstacle, but an extension of yourself, knowing that the log being the obstacle is you, and as the universe (being you you are god) you test yourself. To know your limits, and exceed far beyond those  limits, that's what the log is used for. As well as mind over matter, its great because you learn to use the energy you have (the force) to move the log instead of your physical effort. The more you believe the more the log lifts and becomes lighter.  your literally using the metaphysical body, 

The staff is used for stretching and connecting to your future self. As you spin the staff in different natural movements you begin to predict where it will go and how you will catch it, by reaching forward into the future memory you realize it is already done you are already there and before you know it it is happening right in the palm of your hands. Similar to the Jedi ball technique, it connects you to your future self making the vision clear and less cloudy making your perception intense,

These lessons in balance and mind body and soul encounter each other in perfection we can transcend. Then came all of the hard lessons for me, the emotional ones. I've always had a hard time processing emotions, because they are so strong for me. I have to tone my empathy down a lot,  but emotions are like living beings they don't live long and they never escape childhood.  They teach us how to deal with others, and teach us about ourselves. It is when we can tone these down and read them with the utmost care that we can discern what is happening to ourselves. Emotions are tools of change, and that's all we are tools of change for the universe to use to better itself. Therefore changing all of humanity for the greater, we are  spiritual beings inside of human vessels. The body is a sweet ass surrogate we get to pilot around earth. Sometimes embracing that innocent bliss is the best thing to do. Other times if your like me and can not stop contemplating life, yourself, consciousness, the universe, all the secrets it holds, have a driving need to know it all, and deliver the knowledge to the awakening forces of light. Than stopping in those moments of bliss isn't something your capable of doing. That's  the beginning of the weeks lesson, was that, to  deal with these strong emotions i have harbored, and deal with my damages. Which is what brings me to the shadow, and the 46+2.

The shadow is an unconscious complex that is defined by repressed and suppressed aspects of the conscious self. There are constructive and destructive aspects of shadow. It is everything about us that we don't pay attention to. It is that witch subtly drives our every intention. Carl Jung emphasized the importance of being aware of shadow material,  and incorporating it into conscious awareness. Lest one project these attributes onto another. Its the reason that you snap and  you fall in love on a whim. Being consciously aware of shadow can cause great inner transformation and unlock more of our brain that we don't use. It open new DNA and larger chromosome composition, that witch brings me to the 46 and 2. I will touch on that in just a moment, 

In this journey a lot of emotions surfaced because of troubles i have in society, and i am going to add that  being a productive member of your society is a secret technique. If you have trouble doing normal people stuff like me. Make a game out of it. I incorporated it into the Jedi training, I had to pay some fines and clear my name with the law. I quit my job and found one somewhere that i feel is more worthy of my time. Even though id like to be doing this (paradigm shift) as my full time job! Point is, we know we have to do these things and  being a Jedi means mastering your environment. I  am working on my transportation vehicle device and license to operate such a thing. Basically no one wants to cover this topic but its important. Keep your name clear and at least make some money to be comfortable. My cousin Steven and i were talking a little about this  but the important stuff is stay motivated and just do it. Be the master of your environment, so you can be the tool the universe needs

I hadn't realized it until the universe stuck it right in front of my face. It is something my cousin helped me figure out, the universe allowed him to reveal to me. I knew it was a hint for me to run with he literally said. "That's something you'll have to figure out yourself" .  I never understood what 46+2 was, what did it all mean ...  I tried to divide i tried to do all kinds of math but I got nowhere. Just like they wanted, now look at the band tool.  Tool,  OK so what? right ? no. Tool is me, I am a tool, of the universe, I am awake I have been for some time now since I was child. If you've read my other journey logs you'll know whats up.  The band tool is in my opinion, a band of awakened individuals. Who set out to bring forth a message,  that message is how to live and transcend into 46 and 2. The whole 10 000 days album? yeah that ties into 46 and 2.  no math required,I'll tell you what it is. 

 So here I go, to step through my shadow. I'll see you on the other side. As we continue to shift the paradigms brothers and sisters and lovers. 

The universe had me dissect shadow by tool. I came to find out what shadow actually is.

An unconscious complex defined by repressed and suppressed aspects of the conscious self,

I've been digging through my old muscle memory...

I've been going back to as far as i can remember, and picking through my shadow of myself, 

The human being deals with shadow in 4 different ways. Denial, projection, integration/ and or transmutation. There are three different kinds of human beings on planet earth. Meaning they perceive the same reality three different ways. The first those with a chromosome composition of 42+2. Those beings perceive everything as part of their being, nothing is separate and they act as a collective. Everything is one life one energy one being. Anything happening anywhere is within them. They are like cells in the body,  these are the Aboriginals of Australia. There could be some tribes in Africa like this as well. Still left on earth. The second is our level of consciousness. We are beings with a chromosome composition of 44+2. This level is used as a stepping stone to the next level, 46+2, the transcendent form. Those two extra chromosomes unlock our true potential as human beings and change everything,. 

Coming back to me. Everything I have been dealing with in the last few weeks this second week after the two weeks of Jedi training has led me to this. What I've been crying for, my shadow, and now that i understand. Even in typing these words I come to a greater understanding of what it is to be looking at my shadow. All of the pain I feel, All of the emotions coming to surface. All of the memories, scars, PTSD, neglect, self mutilation and reflections of hatred. Is all me digging through these old aspects of things I have repressed and suppressed that subconsciously drive me today. All these things I must look at, all these things i don't want to see. I must, I know what these lessons have been leading me up to. This moment choosing to be here. Digging through my old shadow. My time now, to transcend  46 + 2 right in front of me. I am stepping through my shadow. Gaining my true potential. Utilizing it to the fullest of my abilities. This is all necessary. So that I may be the TOOL the UNIVERSE needs ME to be.

Im leaving the link to my youtube page here. Subscribe and access more videos at

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Kyle Nybakken, USA,24 years old,


  • Fantastic Quest Journal Kyle. Shadow work can be tricky at times. To remember the repressed, to relive the feelings associated with the memory's, thinking about who you were (personality), acknowledging, letting go (crying) and then accepting how you have become stronger from all the shit you have been through.

    A new personality is seeded when one chooses to under go shadow work with the intent of becoming more conscious of virtues and morility. A paradigm shifter, a leader, a warrior who knows within how to be righteous. Well done Kyle keep up the good work.

    • thank you very much brother! this is one step into the great works we are doing, i hope this inspires people and gets them motivated to do their own soul searching and shadow work.

This reply was deleted.

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