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Simple Twist of Fate

It was just before dawn - when I woke up it was to that soft, blue light of pre-dawn.

In the dream, I'd been looking at the Earth. But I saw it two different ways; both as the "big blue marble" from space and on a very intimate level of individual beings. Rather like if you were to focus on a plant growing in your yard while simultaneously visualizing your view pulling out to encompass the state, country, the whole planet. It was pretty enthralling, and there was this voice. It was everywhere and nowhere and had no body to speak of.

"Here's the thing - trillions upon trillions of DNA splices and mutations, more than you can ever hope to count, have happened over the time that life has existed. Each tweak to the code produces something new, and enough tweaks give rise to all the different forms of life everywhere. And in a way it's all just luck and random chance but that's all right. A roll of the cosmic dice means you're a human rather than a wolf or a tree."

I agreed that it was very stunning and in a way, humbling.

"No, here's what I mean. It's all just DNA. The same basic blocks that make a wolf or a tree make you, and all those changes are outward form. At the core you're all the same. Just because you can't change carbon dioxide to oxygen doesn't mean you're not the same being as a tree. Get it?"

When I woke up I actually did get it. I laid awake for a long time thinking about it.

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  • This is beautiful Isadora :) 

    I love how potent and interconnected our dreams are becoming. I feel like a dream like this is something many of us have experienced in similar ways. 
    A single voice being spoken from the heart of the universe....

    We are listening...

    ( PS - Here is your page counter to keep track of those who read it. For future entries, if there is an image you can add I would recommend doing so as it makes the preview image on social media stand out more. )

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