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Segregation of Knowledge

     Over time, our focus has been slowly compartmentalized into categories of thinking and perceiving the world. Information is available and promoted in such a way that we usually don't bother to even look at the things which fall outside the realm of what is deemed to be the social norm. We have been taught to view information as units of knowledge meant to be collected and attained, without really being conscious of the importance of it within the bigger picture. 

     I have been thinking a lot upon the fact that we are taught to discern information in certain ways through the influence of social and cultural conditioning and oftentimes we do this on a subconscious level. But what if you took a moment to desegregate the way you look at certain topics. We view any particular subject and immediately it is followed by a notion. it is enclosed in it's very own predetermined level of priority. This is very damaging, because it then creates a disproportionate awareness to the reality of the functioning role. 

     In the practice of spirituality, we can see many subjects overlapping one another. Through spirituality, there is the bridging of all information, each component being just as crucial to the next. so when we view the world through the infrastructure of beliefs built within a certain method of understanding, we lose the ability to read in between the lines, to decode the deeper meanings masked under the guise of the final presumption. 

     Consider it to be like a rotating hypercube, where from different vantage points you will have different perspectives - and as the cube shifts you will find it's very nature traversing over all points of existence, sharing attributes with many varieties of understanding. The word information itself means 'formation of the mind, teaching', it's sole purpose is to contribute to the development of your consciousness, if used in it's authentic manner. When we shift our viewpoint of what knowledge means to us, the very act of obtaining knowledge takes on a whole new meaning. It's no longer just the pursuit of facts, but rather an endeavor to find how all the pieces fit together in this colossal labyrinth of expression waiting to be understood for what it truly is and ultimately a way to better understand our part and develop a more cohesive vision for the future.

Thankyou for reading, I'd love to develop this more but I need to work on my ability to articulate my ideas. To be continued!

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