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Recent MJ Shamanic Ceremony

Recently I had a shamanic ceremony with cannabis oil. I started out by smudging and creating sacred space with the blessing of Mother Earth, Father Sky, Universal Creator, my loving ancestors and all loving entities we removed all negative energy. I was the only human present but it was a team effort. After I felt at peace, I inhaled the medicine breathing it directly to my "sacral chakra" put on a blindfold and ear plugs and layed down.

I could feel my body getting lighter and lighter, I felt tingling on my forehead which spread out throughout my entire body. As I relaxed more and more I could feel my body going to sleep paralysis. I could see nothing but darkness however I felt many things. I felt something crawling up my leg like a bug. I've been fooled before with that feeling. I told my self even if it was a bug, waking up and startling it would make it bite me anyway so I just let it crawl up my leg and tried to ignore it. Eventually it disappeared or flew away. I felt a pressure pushing upward on my belly like as if I was going to purge. I have felt this way before with another journey but I woke up that time thinking that I caught a fever. This time I told my self to ride it out and see where it takes me. So I did.

I felt a very heavy presence, like a boulder being placed on top of me. I pictured myself being caught between 2 plates of Earth. I could feel the purge moving closer a up my chest. I was getting worried but I silently chanted "quiet your mind and look through the Veil." I chanted this over and over until I felt better. I willingly accepted the purge going past my chest and when it got to my throat the purge vanished. It was like I had to give off a huge belch but with no sound. My mouth opened and that was it.

Suddenly the heaviness turned off and my body started to feel like a balloon filled with helium that had it's string released. I was feeling higher and higher. I was convinced that I had left my body but I saw nothing. I focused more on the veil hoping to see my guides or someone but I saw nothing. All I could hear was my heartbeat so I focused on that. I knew that as long as I'm breathing and my heart is beating, I'm ok. My inhales and exhales were getting very long but my heart was steady. I tried to change up my breathing a little to see if my heartbeat would change also but it did not. I just reminded myself "you feel no pain and your breathing fine, your heart is beating steady, you are in no danger, do not fear." I just stayed there listening to my heart for a while. I felt like I was in :"The Void" because I could not see anything, no entities, no colors, nothing but darkness.

I then heard birds, the birds were very faint at first, I thought that they were just the usual birds in my garden but the birds got louder like they were in my sacred space. I could hear them flying by me flapping their wings. I realized their wings sounded like fast moving heartbeats. I heard my heart beating and I felt when my heart beat I had a pull in my back. I then thought. "Is this my heart I'm hearing or are these wings?" Could I possibly have wings in this dimension?" I then saw lights glowing off in a far distance and I could see them getting closer until they were right in front of my face. The lights were swirling with each-other like a dance of glowing faded paint. I watched for a while but I did feel the journey coming to an end. I felt my 3D body regaining control and the sleep paralysis wearing off. I was still aware of everything in both dimensions. I could hear the birds and the wind on Earth but I could still see the glowing lights behind my blindfold. I eventually got up and looked up at the blue sky and just stared for a while I felt like doing some tai chi so I did.

During my tai chi I closed my eyes and pictured a blue crystal that one of my guides gave me. It was charging with Earth's energy and it moved as I moved. I was flowing through the postures with the crystal hovering over my hands. After my tai chi session I walked through my garden massaging the plants with the crystal. I then stared at the blue sky some more and saw faces within the clouds. I could faintly see the veil and thousands of tiny light orbs flying around. I then saw one big orb slowly hover into view and stop above me. It stayed for what seemed like a couple minutes then slowly flew away. 

I was filled with gratitude and I thanked Mother Earth, Father Sky, Universal Creator, my loving ancestors and all loving entities for being with me on my journey then I closed the ceremony. -A,Ho

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  • A lovely expression from the heart. 

  • What a wondrous and thought provoking experience(: 

  • wow thanks for sharing this!

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