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Greetings one and all, if you haven't already please read go to my profile on the website and read the previous articles of this series.

As stated in the third entry I will explain the masculine and feminine aspects of the Self, explaining shadow-self and doing shadow work, or just LOOKING into yourself, facing your past, seeing beyond the illusion and fallacies put before you, and those that are within you, so that you can rise a truth warrior and become the authentic human being.

Before I introduce the masculine/feminine aspects of Self, there's one thought to have in mind and that's whether or not you're ego identifying as your pseudo-self or even as someone else. I've seen something that said 'I am who I am because of everyone' and I think to myself well it's true in a very specific way, but it was propagating this notion of "group-think," this non-individuation, mass media and communities all doing this constant looking away from self, not facing it but rather IDENTIFYING with your place in life, your job, your hobby, your friends, your community. Now I'm not saying these things are inherently bad, it is self-evident through existential psychology and philosophy that one should not be..

"Oh I'm this or I'm that!" But rather "I'm ME" and these other occupations are just aspects to my being; just what I'm doing in this world for intrinsic or monetary value, they are not whole of who I am.

But then you see that once you look inward.. Who are you? What is your purpose? Why do you hold certain beliefs? Why do we act way we do towards ourselves and others? Ask yourself what any of this has to do with your experiences in the external world and within your inner world?

Think of it. We are all familiar with the vast expansiveness and magnificence of the Universe and the worlds around us, wouldn't it be the same within us all?

"To know Thyself is the beginning of wisdom" - Socrates

A good lesson is one of the six pillars of self esteem by Nathaniel Branden:
"The practice of living consciously: respect for facts; being present to what we are doing while we are doing it; seeking and being eagerly open to any information, knowledge or feedback that bears on our interests, values, goals, and projects; seeking to understand not only the world external to self but also our inner world, so that we do not act out of self-made blindness."


From what I understand and know is informative about the Masculine part of consciousness; the animus of psychology; self-defense principle, is that it is required for one and all to be balanced, that's it, simply that, I'm not saying that as no one has it or it is a thing to acquired through a journey of some sort (although probably mentally; within self) but what I mean is that we all have this within us, calling it the "masculine principle" is just a way of identifying this aspect of our natural selves. We are made up of masculine and feminine energies.
These can also be known in more Jungian terms as the anima and animus and they are identified as the totality of unconscious feminine psychological qualities that a man possesses or masculine qualities possessed by a woman.

The masculine, can be identified physically by the chemical hormone testosterone. Testosterone is for the most part responsible for your energy production, libido, courage, health, drive, confidence etc. It is a pivotal part; an essence to ourselves, these are things we humans require, and it's quite plain to see how this is called the masculine principle.  Without this characteristic being concurred with the feminine within us, a lack of the male aspect produces submissiveness, naivete', anxiety, discourage, worldview schisms, fear, all with the symptoms of imbalance comes also an inability to own personal responsibility, whether it's your own actions or someone else's actions that have effected you; dealing with those transgressions.

Both Men and Women have this mental principle and essence in themselves, this masculine side is responsible for one to stand up for one's self, either in self-defense or in the least the mental ability to want to rebel against something immoral, wrong, or in immature statures, anything that is circumstantial. I would say we 'need' this, but we already have it within us, it is by my knowledge that by certain social manipulations, people have not manifested the true form of their own masculinity neither their own true femininity. However this goes hand-in-hand with brain balance as can be seen in this image, the left and right brain; reptilian base survival brain, limbic mammalian brain, and hemispheres of the neo-cortex are functions that contribute to sacred masculine and sacred feminine.
"Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes."

— The Kybalion

The word "Gender" is derived from the Latin root meaning "to beget; to pro-create; to generate; to create; to produce." A little consideration will show you that the word has a much broader and more general meaning than the term "Sex," The latter referring to physical distinctions between male and female living things and beings. Sex is merely a manifestation of Gender on a physical level.
No principle or gender is more important than the other, they're both within us all and to understand them on a deep level will help us understand ourselves and others better as well, the masculine is simple to see as confident and logistic righteous indignation, where as the feminine is caring, emotional, nurturing part of the pair. Yin and Yang, one cannot function without the other.


Think in an illustrative way, a rock with a truly magnificent, creative center, a soft inside if you will. Although the illustration is only half-right, human being's traits aren't exactly like a layered nougat chocolate ball but the idea remains true. The feminine principle of our selves is caring, compassionate, emotional, nurturing aspect of ourselves, our consciousness is a triune process of thought, emotion, and action, so when we DO something or have passion, the feminine is the FEELING or empathy behind something that we do.

Beside that, the feminine is as important and as necessary as the male component. Without acknowledgment and appreciation of feminine characteristics this can procure: apathy, unchanneled unrighteous rage, anger and aggression, psychopathy or sociopathic tendencies through action (Thinking of an action, but not feeling or not knowing the mental and emotional consequences you may cause to yourself and others) ego-identification, and worldview schisms.
What I mean when I say "worldview schisms" is something like this:

Aside from the deliberate or self suppression of these principles of ourselves, a thorough examination of this picture can easily display how depending on which aspect is being exalted over the other can lead to these mental and then physical behaviors. Worldview schisms take hold when someone is susceptible to "brain molding," some relative or manipulative person or group will gladly form you to their agenda.

"If you don't think for yourself, someone else will do it for you"

Not only are there problems we have with ourselves; our own indoctrinated psychic pathology, but when the world's population is not filled with a majority of people holding True Care (The legitimacy and courage to do what is right for yourself and others) as a principle of virtue (A big proponent to the Sacred Feminine) then you will see even further soul detriment, which unfortunately is very depressing, it is what we must change.


To heal our own schisms, through knowledge, through the use of said righteous knowledge, is to then help others see the way as well, "The door that a guide or a teacher opens always opens inward, meaning that all true knowledge starts from within." To become your true self or the authentic being is nothing someone can write a guide for step-by-step, that is a High Hrothgar you must climb for yourself, the biggest help is assisting or lending a hand to others around you that could use a paradigm in their lives, a new way of thinking, a new approach to something they have never looked at, but what needs to be helped the most definitely are these schisms between us, each other, and the world. Unification on a grand scale withing yourself, thoughts, emotions, and actions all working in unison with each other to courageously act when need be with the drives of compassion and strategy to help free and open minds, not engulf them with a new manufactured worldview, but to be able to step back and view everything for what it truly is and how to approach it consciously.

Thank you for your attention, I cannot tell every possible detail in just a few articles, please with your own intuitive powers go on and explore and learn more about this. I encourage you, there is absolutely nothing to lose.

My Info and two links pertaining to the subject matter of this entry:

This is one of greatest articles I've ever read and it is beyond helpful and informative:


Paradigm Shift Athenaeum, liberating and conscious media:

My personal page for contact or questions:


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