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VERY HUMBLE GREETINGS SHIFTERS! Also folks who may catch this who may or may not be in know or just here for a good, educational read THANK YOU but this is third part of an article series I'll be working on. So please click (Here for Part 1)  and (Here for Part 2).

First off I want to clarify that this series is more than of the subject of psychology, but more EMPHASIZING psychology as an explanatory base for what all types of subjects and Truths that I'd like to cover, because that's what my Great Work is as of now. To serve and project the word of universal Truth in all of it's forms to those everywhere willing to seek it and contemplate it.

In my other two articles I covered what many of you know as "Solipsism" and if you don't know the basic definition already then go back to either of my previous articles and see it there, we're just about done with that subject but it will pop up here and there throughout I'm sure.

What I will introduce this time around is a more in-depth look of what Psychology IS and HOW it not only relates to consciousness in terms of the subject but pretty much IS consciousness as well. Introducing shadow work, exploring Self, and how many occult, Hermetic, philosophical, and ancient cultural traditions and teachings all share similar, if not THE SAME truths and ideals, and line up with psychology and understanding why human nature and behavior is very important in understanding yourself and others intuitively and wisely.

Now in very standard, introductory terms I will explain a diagram that constitutes a Being; yourself; myself. Think of it as layout of Solar System, you know, elliptical rings, inner planets, outer planets, Asteroid Belt, and the Kuiper Belt and far on.

You see? I love how something so very in-depth and nearly complex can be outfitted and put into a simple to understand diagram, okay well this entire diagram is a You, none of it is inherently evil and needs to be thrown out, I will explain each of these in a ground roots way so it is graspable, and so one could contemplate these definitions on their own.

First off: Conscious and Unconscious, one thing to note whilst getting into this is as also remnant of gravity or a toroidal field, Self is colored white. That means that inner divine True Self that is un-manifested CAN (through work) be manifested into the Conscious mind, which is a way of enlightenment essentially. Not to achieve enlightenment as this higher prize but rather that being a byproduct of finding Real True YOU and living prosperously. A process of character, coming from Greek meaning "distinctive marks" if you want to look at it that way. Self is whole and center, unification of consciousness and unconsciousness in a person.

Now, persona is what it sounds like, your personality. But coming from Latin meaning "mask, a CHARACTER played by an actor." So it's mask we all put on. Ancient Japanese culture even has a proverb for this, it is along lines of you wear a different mask depending on your family, friends and there is even a mask you wear for yourself showing that "People will do anything, no matter how absurd to stop from facing their own souls" as Carl Jung put it.
Your true personality, your character traits, things you like in life are all scattered bits around your conscious and unconscious, your individuality is your Self. We are all special and unique and to further understand and individuate ourselves we must release from any harmful mental bondage by understanding the next thing:


Now this is a word that gets thrown around A LOT, or at least used in lackluster pretenses or goes unexplained, I will be giving a few definitions to clarify and expand on it's meaning. Ego as one of many ways Carl Jung would describe it is a subject of consciousness, it exists as a complex quantity constituted by inherited dispositions and unconsciously acquired impressions; rooted presumptions basically, but not just of external world but of yourself and principles of the world thus Ego is not bad or something to be rid of but more something to be understood and controlled, dissolved in the liquid of Self.

Ego is an epicenter of manipulation; gate of influence, do you see on the diagram how it is half way inbetween conscious and unconscious? That's on purpose, ego manifests in both conscious and unconscious, it is just as Self is but not as divine or all-encompassing and pure and fulfilling as Self, but let us remember that the word Ego comes from Latin meaning "I", so it is simply you. But as human beings are, ego is resilient and pliable, again Ego is simply an aspect of ourselves which can be manipulated or diluted into becoming an instrument of self-loathing and self-centered Solipsistic attitude as it dwells within Shadow-Self, but when "shadow-work" is done, then your Ego becomes a tool of knowing right from wrong, and expressing yourself adequately.

When you dream or become entranced through psychedelics or meditation you're entering this shadow-self, catching a sneak peek or glimpse of the expansiveness of the world inside yourself per say, pantheists would understand. As for those who believe there are realms higher or beyond us, or just another layer atop the physical, think of that, but of yourself too. Usually when people have an uneasy experience in projecting, psychedelics or deeply meditating in an intense fashion, it could be result of meeting your shadows; your demons, something you're not issuing in yourself and in life. Or of course you could be encountering an entity you're not mentally and spiritually prepared for.. if you're about that kind of thing. ON that subject you could also encounter entities that will help you realize Self, with a feeling of divinity or even scare you into it.

"As long as shadow remains unconscious and unrecognized it is at its most dangerous. Once we make the unconscious shadow conscious then we have ability to work with it, to contain it and possibly even to transform it. It is which gives us choice; nothing can be transformed whilst it remains unconscious."

- Jungian psychology

I will cover Shadow, shadow-work, and the anima/animus aspect of Consciousness in the 4th installment, so keep an eye out for that. There is much more to this subject matter but I hope I did a decent job explaining and giving a general overview. Now these are sections of brain, Three; triune aspects of brain, and also the neocortex duality of left and right brain here.

It is easy to see now how Self, ego, and persona would fit into it all. This is also how it relates in terms of diverse but mainly occult teaching, it goes into more scientific detail in the psychology of today's world and in works of Sigmund Freud and more in-depth overall in the world of occult and traditional esoteric literature and various researchers pulling this information together. On note of the two hemispheres of brain, just to note anima and animus are basically those two hemispheres and all evolved constituents of them, being the masculine and feminine aspects of Self.

In closing, I will leave two video links, so that you may explore this information on your own if you wish.

Michael Tsarion explaining Shadow Self - 7 minutes:

Mark Passio explaining Human Brain and Consciousness - 20 minutes:

Both of these videos are very well presented, interesting and informative.

Thank you for your attention, Agape'
Roman Garza, Admin of Athenaeum

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