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Playing Peek-A-Boo With 5D

Good morning fellow Shifters and Light Warriors and welcome to this BRAND NEW, beautiful, cosmic day - 

I have yet to physically introduce myself to the majority of the local Shift community in London but I am indeed living, playing and creating somewhere in this forest city! I have been on a personal quest/mission over the past year and a half that forced me to come face-to-face with some of the darkest aspects of mySelf so that I could re-emerge from my cocoon and continue the journey ahead with the grace of a newly discovered Goddess. How can I heal others if I cannot first heal myself? I am so thankful for every part of my journey and I know it is still unfolding at a Divinely-guided pace. I am excited to use this forum to continue recording my journey and I invite life to now ramp up its communication with me, offering me up droplet after droplet from the ocean of synchronistic moments that it creates so abundantly.  

I went to sleep last night thinking about writing a quest journal this morning and decided I would leave it up to the universe to guide me through the process. I know that if life wants to communicate with me through symbolism and synchronicity, it WILL, I just have to be aware, open, and on the lookout for the hidden yet often obvious messages it sends me through my physical environment.  

For the first hour of my morning today, the universe kept quiet. It was not until I caught the 6:29am bus into downtown (where I still work a full-time day job light shading undercover as a receptionist at a fairly busy downtown spot) that I began to notice the first sprinklings of cosmic, synchronistic dust shimmering around me. The bus had just reached downtown and as we were driving down the street located behind the local sporting/performance venue, I looked up and instantly saw a sign over one of the back entrances that said 'Gate 5'. I laughed to myself and knew right away that the universe was awake and ready to begin its playful, conscious communication with me. It has been using the number 5 to communicate with me daily over the past month or so, which I have interpreted as higher communication/guidance from the 5th dimension (or, my higher self). I feel like I have only JUST opened up a vast, inner cave full of precious jewels, and now, with continued support and guidance from the universe, I will be uncovering those shiny treasures buried within myself one by one, so that they may come into the story of my life to serve me on my soul quest.

I knew the universe was simply setting the stage for how my day was going to be - MAGICAL. And I was right!

Once I got to work, I went into one of the staff kitchens to get a jug of ice water and noticed the one dish cart in the kitchen had 'Cart 5' written in black marker along the side. I giggled to myself AGAIN and thought "Here we go!!!". I got back to my desk and about 10 minutes later, when my co-worker walked over to sign-in for the day, I read out the time to him (as I do every day).

"It's 6:55!" I exclaimed excitedly, and I am sure he was a little thrown off by my enthusiasm this early in the morning. But 55!!!!! There was my third sign from the 5th Dimension in the span of about 30 minutes!! 

And just now, I had a flashback to yesterday when my co-worker came up to me and told me that tomorrow's lotto jackpot is the highest it has ever been, at 55 million. 

I'm feeling lucky!!!

-Heather ♥

PS. As I was writing this, the same co-worker  who told me about the lotto yesterday came up to me and presented me with a gift!!! It's a Reese's Peanut butter doughnut and it looks soooo chocolatey and scrumptious... don't mind if I do!!

As my 7-year-old niece Malia would say - "My sweet tooth is really happy right now!"

Hey 5D - peek-a-boo, I see you!!! ;)


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  • Thank you for sharing this Heather! That's awesome that you are developing your communication with the big universe through the language of symbols. :D
    I reshared it with the global community through the primary Paradigm Shift networks on facebook aswell.:)

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  • Amazing!! And thank you so much for creating this opportunity for all of us - I look forward to meeting you :)

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