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Quest Journals

My journey

In August of 2015 something happened that I've yet to find answers for. It was the beginning of my spiritual journey...After a night out with friends, we all headed to my house. Wanted to see the meteor shower. Out of nowhere I start to get anxiety. I felt my hands tingling and go numb. My heart rate sped up and panic set in. Feelings of heat and vibrations were traveling through my body followed sensations of cold. I had tremors and almost felt paralyzed. I was sure it was a heart attack! I'd never experienced anything even close to this in my life. It moved around my body, in the same pattern. I'd feel an itch in my throat followed by a sensation of paper crinkled on my brain. My friends thought it was a panic attack and tried to calm me down. One friend got another on the phone trying to calm me. The other friend held my hand. Over the phone he was telling me to relax, picture myself in a dark place, and let my mind lead me to a happy place. He'd say "concentrate on my voice and breathe" as I listened to him I started to feel my body drifting down a black passageway. I was totally conscious of my physical body and surroundings. I could even see my surroundings. I remember saying in the phone "I feel like I'm falling asleep" he laughed, then all of a sudden I came to a door that seemed to be way underground. Even though no words were spoken in my mind I asked, "aren't you coming in with me?" Without words he replied it was something I had to do alone. I walked down a hall, next thing I recall, I'm looking at myself. I was so happy. No negative or bad feelings seemed to exist. I was in this dark room with only a window. Seemed to be space on the other side. While experiencing this state of uphoria, I start speaking to my friend who has been physically beside me. I told them "You should have came, I'm in my happy place in my mind." It was so wonderful, I wanted them to see. At some point I said it was a "little black box" Still Cleary seeing my physical being surroundings at home. My Astral presence was stronger. Next, I climbed into a wooden chest in the middle of the room. Seemed to know why and where I was going. I've had memories something important happened next. A conversation that I can't recall. Then All of a sudden I'm in a place that seems like a maze with tall walls. It felt and looked like ancient Rome or Greece. Once here I start to have feelings of Deja Vu. I had been there before and needed to remember something. Things get blurry....As another part of me has wondered elsewhere and is experiencing a deeper sense of Deja vu. I'm trying to remember what I'm  supposed to do here as my physical body starts to awaken. I was above myself talking to my friend in the physical plane "I can't come back yet" He told me to calm down. I said, "I won't  be able to exist here, I've got to go back" He told me I was existing and I'm okay. At this point I felt as though I was above my body. I was arguing "That isn't me!" My spiritual self or conscious was not recognizing my physical. Then, "I can not feel my legs" This body was not mine...I felt too pure for that body. After finally becoming one with my body, I was shaking horribly. I asked where I was? Who's house is this? Everything seemed blurry and not reality. I felt scared, traumatized, and lost. Not surprising considering I didn't recognize my own house. I was thinking heavily about where I had been and what it was I couldn't find. I looked up and said, I wanted you to come with me. Did you hear me? He said "Some places I'm not supposed to be" and in that moment I had Deja vu again. It was what I'd been waiting to hear! It finally made sense... but, didnt. For about 24 hours I was in a state of shock. Shaking,  jumpy, scared. We talked about the situation to try and make sense. I was consciously talking to him the whole time. However, he said it lasted 3 minutes. It felt like a day.
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Sommer Billingsley


  • What an incredible journey. Did you take any medicine before the journey? It sounds like you went to the lower world. Did you see any animals or spirit guides? I understand it can be frightening at times. I had a similar frightening experience lately. It's nice to have a friend to talk you through the journey.

    • I don't remember animals but it's possible. There was water and it was very ancient. I'm thinking the version for my angelic self was a spirit guide. It was like no words needed to be said. I already knew. However, I know a talk with a ancient man happened in a garden. Just can't remember what we discussed.
    • I've come to realize the maze was identical to an ancient labyrinth.
  • I was thinking the same thing. I keep researching looking from clues to jog my memory. No I hadn't took anything. My dreams have always been very trippy. I'm glad you responded and have somewhere to share this stuff. At first I was feeling a bit insane haha. Have you heard of monomyths?
  • Yes, indeed I feel we are all in a monomyth or a heroes journey called life. The first guardian is called Ego and that is the one who tells us we are loosing our minds. The fact is we are actually gaining our mind. We are gaining access to our subconscious mind. The portal to other realms which are very real.

    • After that experience, nothing has been the same. Once you become aware there is knowledge everywhere! I've always known something wasn't right. Since childhood I was lucid dreaming. Taught myself at 4yrs old to beat nightmares of dinosaurs haha Blew off many signs growing up. Always thought I was just different or possibly psychic. Feels good to have yall♡
    • I was going to ask, is it common to decend to thel underworld?
    • Curious, is it pretty common to descend to the underworld?
  • Here are 2 good videos to get a good introduction about the 3 worlds.

    The Celtic druids believed that you must have strong roots first. It makes sense to me. This is not to be confused with the underworld or hell, it's more like "Alice in Wonderland".

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