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Quest Journals

Playing My Game. By Richann Haxton

Hello friends!
This is some what of an introduction,
as well as, a Quest Journal.

First of all, I can hardly contain how much excitement I have relevant to finding this group. I first found  and watched the recent Full Moon Paradigm Shift Central video! (thanks Beonka). Let me put it this way, it was a four hour video that I watched over a two and a half day period, concurrently while I became acutely aware of how perfect a match it is for me and my game. Before I finished watching, I had checked out the website at length, joined, watched various videos, commented on one of your Journey Quests, Facebook friended a few of you, and much much more. Passion ignited, on fire!   I felt literally and proclaimed aloud, "that I feel like I drank a Cosmic Red Bull," and "I have this energy coursing through my veins." That was pretty much non-stop for the last two and half days, until yesterday afternoon.

I had a bit of a purposeful creative cosmic crash yesterday afternoon, LOL
The crash, really was perfect though, as I used it to slow down, center, and fine tune my focus, be crystal clear, be patient, trust my timing and chillax.

Part of that purosefulness was realizing that I was THEN experiencing my game. That I indeed was in that NOW playing, achieving game points, breaking the illusion by experiencing exactly what I was experiencing, rather than perceiving what was to come in the future, activated and inspired now that I had found all this. :D Oh, the irony of the game.

Then, I used that chillaxed, crashed evening last night and further integrated-cemented-crystallized  and even more so this morning, to re-focus on FUN.

See after I came down off my buzz,  I got a little resistance coming up when I started thinking about organizing the nuts and buts off my local Paradigm Shift group, namely how serious some around these parts, this neck of the woods, can get about paradigm shifting. I am playing my game in the third dimensional plane of rural west central Florida (USA). And my fellow master game players around here haven't yet presented abundantly in the idea of we are paradigm shifting, let alone, isn't this fun??? So, I got a little concerned about what I'm stepping into being a leader, a way shower, and if I'm up to it. Can I handle it? Do I want to even?

So, then I had a little game with myself of disappearing all that, everything and everyone, and going within and making it all about just me and existence, and choosing what I want, what resonates. Then, I knew I got this. I can do that "disappear them, or the location, the board game," any time, any place, any where,  any now. And realizing how ever else any one else plays their game, that's their choice, even if we are sitting face to face at a table together.

I have given myself so much inner and outer support for this adventure both prior to connecting with you all here, and since! One very synchronous experience of such I'd like to share here as a way to kick off my first Journey Quest post:

It is very synchronous to me, in that yesterday afternoon I went to the neighborhood park that I will be having my first Paradigm Shift, Rainbow Lakes Estates meetup at. I felt to just walk the path there and sit a the picnic table under the pavillion and have an energetic focused talk with myself about what I want, what I feel, and receive guidance on it. And I did. Namely, be clear on what I want and trust myself.  And know I can do this. And that it is a collective adventure. And I will be supported. And others will come to support each other. And we are all our own "leader." And  I'm free to have fun.

And just about an hour ago, I went to my Facebook feed. The first post there was one of my "On this Day" posts from January 16th, 2015. It's one of my many favorite images and channeled messages that I had alchemized together. It screams FUN and PLaY.  And when I got towards the end while re-reading, I realized how very perfectly synched it is. It speaks of sitting around a table with maybe serious people, but still having fun yourself and that all is your playground. So that spoke not only directly spot-on to my yesterdays resistance, my powerful now focus, but also an big powerful dynamic aspect of the equation of me, fun, playground, Richannfree (personality construct in the game). :D

Anyways, here it is and Namaste' yo! ~Richannfree

“You are welcome to play. You are invited. You are in this for play. This is a playtime activity. You are forgetting at times that you are here to play. You are here to have fun and to enjoy.

And we see how serious you all take your lives, yourselves, your world, and your spiritual journey. If you are to awaken to anything, awaken to the playground that is all around you. You may have a job, and you may be going to that job. And you may not see it as play. You may not bring a playful energy to your job. But that is not your job’s fault. You can be playful. You can have fun.

Or you can decide that work is hard, that life is a struggle, and you can play that game. But we don’t see very many of you having fun when you look at life in that way. Having fun is as easy as deciding that you are fun. You are fun, because you are everything, and fun is certainly a part of everything.

And being fun, you want to play, you want to frolic, you want to let loose. But as children you were told not to play, that life is not a game, that you must buckle down. Do your homework, do your chores. You were told that your play was upsetting to others, and you had the fun conditioned out of you.

We are here to remind you that you can have fun, because you are the adult now. And as the adult, you get to make the rules. You get to decide when it is appropriate for you to have fun and when it is time for you to be more focused. But even that can be fun. Even if you are sitting in a meeting with very serious people, you can be having fun with yourself. That is up to you.

We support you in whatever you decide, but we’re here to remind you that you can decide to have fun. You can decide to make everything fun. You can decide to be fun. And you can see the playground expanding as you do."

Blessings to you from The Unicorn Collective.”
as channeled via Daniel Scranton

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