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My ET Epiphany / No Need To Fear!

Greetings Everyone My Name Is Michaela,
This is my very first post here on the Paradigm Shift, so I am going to make this log short and brief, though I am sure I will make some more posts in the future that go into much further detail! For now I have just copied and pasted a post from my Facebook a few days ago to give an over view of my first true remembrance after doubting myself for years on end.
"I am happy to announce last night I had a massive epiphany and I now remember 2 instances that I was physically aboard a UFO vessel. I no longer have any doubts of myself being a starseed or having had interaction with extraterrestrials. I am mystified, I also remember that most of my encounters were with groups of other people and when we are all aboard we are totally calm and happy bc it is all so familiar, and we know that we are there for a higher purpose, this knowing is instilled within us so deeply.
Most likely those that are my close friends aka most of you that I feel very connected to on here and vise versa have had these experiences with me. We all know each other on a deeper level than you could ever imagine and it's no coincidence that we have all connected. I have been a high anxiety panic button terrified of absolutely every creek in the floor since I was a child in this incarnation; and even I can assure you that there is absolutely NOTHING to fear and they are here to help us, they know us, and we know them very very well (even if we don't remember). They are here to assist us and your higher selves know this.
They do not take us by force or without us knowing, our higher selves have agreed to this and when we are aboard we are not afraid, in fact quite the opposite; EXTREMELY much so relaxed! It's like an entirely new vibration of understanding and awareness takes over your vessel and you know within every fiber of your being that there is no reason to be afraid. These are amazing times here on planet earth , and I am so happy to share this information with you all and vise versa, do not be afraid to remember and share your stories."
Thank you all for allowing me to share this with you, I plan on becoming much more interactive here in the near future and I hope to get to know you all very well!
<3 Much Love, One Love <3 
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  • Wow, thank you for sharing, both Michaela and Julia.
    While I myself do not recall any beings or experiences like yours, I still find your understanding and wisdom resonant and applicable to myself and my journey. And when Julia expressed, "additionally, because we are constantly told it isn't real, we attach even more fear because we aren't able to give ourselves the chance to understand what is going on, we keep repressing it, and it keeps coming on stronger, we keep feeling like we don't know what is going on, and our fear of the unknown heightens!" That makes total inner-sense to me. I know as soon as I ever shifted from fear to curiosity about anything it released that repression and eventually, as I understood it and integrated it, it turned it into pure GOLD. or light, ;) <3

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