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He's more than just my dad. He's a fellow warrior on the path...

Today has been a very special Father's Day for me once again. The reason why I am publishing this post close to midnight on the day is because I just got done finishing a primary draft edit for another full length documentary that my father and I are making together as a hobby, a passion, and a promise. You see, this is the second documentary that we have done since 2010 that provides an intimate look into real stories of Canadians during the Afghan War, and their experiences. We do not seek to glorify war. But rather help share the stories of those effected by it. The recent movie that we have been working super diligently on for the past months and years is called Clearing the Way, which is about the Canadian Combat Engineer Regiment, and the pivotal role they played in 06-07. A story that even many Canadians are unfamiliar with.

But you see, from a soul level I am learning more and more about why I agreed to make these movies within my life contract. I feel that both my dad and I have shared past lives together as 'brothers' in war. And through it we were transformed in ways only war can. And not just in negative ways either. War is a brutal yet real part of the spiritual experience here on earth. And I believe that if we wish to end it, then we must seek to understand it. 

And so, this time around both my father and I agreed that our role would be different. Rather then being on the front lines ourselves, we instead made a promise to be the story tellers for others. And to create a lense for us as a collective to see more of our nature, our love, our bonds, our flaws, and all the shades of ourselves that war brings to the surface. And in turn, heal and change through these stories. To expand our hearts and our minds. 

And so, as the clock approaches midnight as I write this, I reflect on the gratitude and pride I have for my father and for the many selfless things he has done in his life and the projects and journeys he has allowed me to be play part in. My father and I's bond was forged in war many many moons ago. Yet through this we have both brought forth deep wisdom and understanding of life, death, leadership, courage, and compassion. The inspiration to act and sacrifice to help others. Much of which of course I now catalize towards my efforts of Paradigm Shift Central and my ongoing mission within the Shift in consciousness and the mental, physical, spiritual, and metaphysical wars being waged here of earth. Here within our hearts.... And so as I dive deep into the experiences of making these movies with my father, I reflect deeply on the gift of them. Tonight as I saved the file upon reaching the end of the edit, I looked down at the time and it was 1111. All is synch. And so it is...

So dad, father, brother, thank you again for the bond we share. A bond deeper than we may even know...and a mission bigger than we can even fathom.

Happy Father's Energy Day to all the amazing creators we are. 

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 
For those interested the first movie is available online at and the second movie has a Facebook page at 


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