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Last night in the astral I had one of the most prolonged experiences of lucidity in a dream I had ever had. First of all, I woke up at about 8am. Did some stuff, then fell back to sleep - so that in itself helped bring about the lucidity I would say. But once I was back in the astral, things got really interesting. Now I obviously cant recall everything that happened, so Ill just recall the cool parts that I can, especially the part at the end.

The whole thing took place inside of a huuuuge magical house, and I was there with my family. The sky was a deep red as if it was a permanent sunset. I felt like I was exploring this massive house for awhile, while nonchalantly talking to my mom and dad about how we were in a dream. And I was like "look out the window, see that giant flying ship (like an old sailing ship), thats not something you see all the time, but we are seeing it now because its in a dream." And then the giant ship proceeded to do abnormal turns and twists and looked like something out of a Miyazaki anime. 

I know other stuff happened between that, but eventually I recall getting into a car with my dad. Now since I knew it was a dream, I was showing and explaining to my dad "see look, since this is a dream, we can totally make this car fly" and then we drove a bit and it flew. Now the interesting part here is the idea that the car was flying because of my own thoughts and the thoughts of my dad's dream character. Do our own intentions combine with the intentions of dream characters? Can dream characters create in your dream, or is it all just you - forgetting that your them and creating the illusion that they are creating on their own. (Thoughts for another time.)  

While up in the air in the car another cool thing was when I looked down, I could see the ground with infrared vision or something like it. I was able to see an additional wave spectrum (something we were talking about in last nights Paradigm Shift London meeting.) So that was cool. It was like greens and yellows and red, all transforming in and out of each other as I shifted my vision. 


Just before I woke up, my dad and I drove / flew the car in front of a body of water. And so as part of my own personal lucid training, I knew what I had to do. I looked out onto the vast body of water, feeling it... connecting with it as a part of myself. Seeing it glistening in the Sun. I began to prepare my mind……"I can do this……this is possible….. if some guy named Mosses did it, then I can do it to." And so I took a deep breath……….I challened the life force of the universe!!!! I FELT MY CHAKRAS SPINNING LIKE A THOUSAND SUNS. AND THEN WITH A SINGLE THOUGHT - *bloop* The ocean split in two. 

"See, that wasn't to hard." 

"Ya, pretty neat" said my dad. 

And then from there I slowly woke up smiling like a giddy school girl. 

In conclusion, I think sometimes the trick to splitting metaphorical oceans in half, is to not get super up tight about it. Honestly, when it happened in my dream it just happened. I didn't have to go Super Saiyain. If anything, I was just extra relaxed. 

The only thing that would have stopped me from splitting that ocean in half would have been a thought in the back of my mind convincing me that it wasn't possible. Yet since that thought was absent - the mind was able to do its thing with ease. 

So I guess what I am saying, is that we can probably apply the same thought process to this physical reality for work we do or projects we have or tasks that require accomplishing. Within a way that works for you, try letting go of thoughts of doubt and notice how that will allow the mind to interact with the world around us and bring things into form in a slightly different way. 

KEY NOTE - If I am anything like Mosses, it's because we are all anything like Mosses, or something like that :P Seriously I'm not trying to say I am like Mosses, I just wanted to prove that anyone can split an ocean. ...ya....

Ultimately the only truth we can know is through experience, so go experience your own truths. 

Part the metaphysical oceans of your mind. 

If you would like more dream log goodness, you can checkout the playlist I have on my youtube channel of videos I have made over the years which include insights and practical tips.
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(Also you can check out the full length movie for more about dreams - Journey to Lucidity: The Planted Seed)

0N3 L0V3 

- Brenmosses McOceansplitter 



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  • Lucidity is such an amazing tool. Knowing that you are inside a dream and nothing can hurt you is so helpful. Your dream reminds me of a dream I had where a jedi like figure had me levitating metallic orbs to use for transportation.

    • :D  The dream you just posted about. 
      Imagine if we were able to be lucid every night? How much we could learn?

This reply was deleted.

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