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It have been called many names over the history of our Earth. The Great Spirit, the Divine, Love, Creation, Unity, God, the Goddess, etc. However, we're all talking about the same thing no matter what you call it. It exists in all of us and our mission is to embody it. Your spirit, in its microcosm and therefore the Universe in the macrocosm. Whether you pay attention to it or not, everyone feels in tune with their source. &nbsp;Many do it while meditating, but also even more do it when they are doing the thing that they are more passionate about than anything. You are dancing the dance, that only you can dance. Singing the song, that only you can sing. Anything that makes you feel this way, does so because it is in alignment with your very being and with what you are meant to create. There's an infinite amount of ways to feel it. When you become aware of it, you can even start practicing feeling it when you're doing mundane things you do every day and even doing nothing at all.Eventually feeling it to some degree all the time. It's feeling in alignment with the unity inside of you and through that, in alignment with the unity of the whole.

Imagine reality in pillars. One pillar being Unity which is the Source/God/Great Spirit etc., then we split Unity in to parts to understand the Whole (unity) better. If we are not doing this to better understand with the whole then it isn't in alignment with Unity. This is why, for example, we as a collective distorted duality and Masculine and Feminine. We defined what Masculine &amp; Feminine was and imposed that definition on everyone instead of having everyone define their own personal relationship with the concepts. We remember the macrocosm Unity of everything together, but they forget that we all have Unity within was all (Microcosm) and that we must all define our concept of Duality within our selves to better understand our Unity. When we distort our definition on certain concepts, like Duality, it can have very long lasting affects on the society to say the least. There are as many pillars of reality as there are energies, which is infinite. That's beautiful to think about, but it also means there are an infinite amount of energies we can have constricting and limited beliefs placed upon in society. Our collective perspective on Duality has caused immense suffering throughout history. When people inevitably start rejecting the unaligned perspective and start to realize that this concept is something that we have created and say it doesn't exist. Technically the One pillar is the only one that really exists, so it is true that it is our creation. However, it is important to remember how amazing and beautiful that we have the power of creation. The fact that we can create a concept that could have such an impact is literally magic. The power of creation is magic. We must remember this and create from love, inclusiveness and adaptability.

Your imagination is the link to the power of creation. It is the divine gift you were given. It is the essence of magic. The magic inside of you is who you are. The absolute epitome and potential of what you can be. What are the biggest characteristics that make you up? If you were a god/goddess, what would you be the god/goddess of? What archetype(s) do you embody? What would that look like? Just like gods are characteristics and things put into the form of a being, so are you. All of the energy in the universe at our fingertips, ready to be channeled through your imagination to create the unique expression that is you and you hold the paintbrush. We are art, and just like art it can look literally any way you want it to look. You are the artist, your imagination is the paint brush, your intention is the paint and your body and the physical realm is the canvas. What will you create?

- Lumi


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Greetings, fellow hyperdimensional forms of the Interactive holographic vibrational construct that we refer to as the Universe. My name is Gabe, and what an honor it is to transmit to you from this vantage point within the infinite now moment. I am writing this to introduce you to my highly unusual, highly undefinable versatile and exciting world.

The first and most important idea that I wish to express, is the fact that I am here in this form at this time to assist in Earth’s spiritual awakening of consciousness. Therefore, the content that you will inevitably find me creating, is designed to provide insights and metaphysical formula’s to guide people in the direction of accessing their highest creative potential.

It seems that the primary gift that I have come to share with the world, is demonstrated in my ability to clearly convey the hyperdimensionality of existence through creative expression. Some of these forms of express in which I utilize include (but are not limited to) Composing and producing music and sound design of all kinds, creating conscious media, organizing and hosting events such as my transformational festival “The Cosmic Grove”, Giving public lectures, teaching interactive music workshops through my organization that I created called Musical Chordination, and of course astrally translocating throughout the cosmos with my hyperdimensional best friend Zylok.

It is my absolute highest joy and passion to share my creativity with you all in the playful and heart centered way that I do. I say this, because as you  traversing through my videos and other content that I share, I encourage you all to have a sense of humor about it. Relax, enjoy, take from my creations what works for you, and apply it in your life in your own unique way.

So, If you wish to know more about myself and what I do can go to my website There you will find the latest updates and upcoming events. Similarly, if you wish to know more about my organization “Musical Chordination” you can go to www., there you will find an in depth description to how our workshops function and what to expect if you feel called to participate in one. Please feel free to add me on facebook ( Every Friday I host a live Stream Q&A via facebook live, so please come and hangout and ask your questions.

The last thing I wish to share is that I provide private one on one sessions for those who may be interested. Each sessions is intuitively designed specifically for the individual that I am working with and is for the purpose of accelerating one’s spiritual progress, by showing how to master one’s alignment with higher consciousness. These sessions are highly affordable, beneficial and don’t require anything other than you to show up and allow the energy to do all the work. You may book one through my website.

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You Are A Beacon of Light (Video)

Greetings! This is my first YouTube video, and I plan to make many more videos in the future. My intention for my channel is to encourage others to go within themselves, to connect with who they really are. So many people have lost that soul level connection with themselves. Once you have that connection, you feel like anything is possible. You feel connected to the Universe. I want to teach what I have learned from meditation, lucid dreaming, astral projection, & spirituality. I hope to inspire other people along my journey. 

Stay tuned. :)

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On the 2nd anniversary of my first transformative NOTE I had a conversation with my husband came up with the possibility of bipolar being “some type of stage of enlightenment”. This thought resonated strongly with me. This idea excited me and I…
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*Authenticity warning* haha, it's a bit candid. Enjoy.I lay down, breathing into the pain of my moon-cycle, my sacred bleeding.Upon falling asleep..A house..A house which is just my room and a roof..I'm talking to someone.. Myself? Talking about my deep fears. Yet every detail eludes me. The environment, shifting from daylight to sunset and night.The sunset/night comes whenever my fear starts to get the better of me. Someone comments how the vast space of night and day are exactly the same space, yet in the vast light of day I'm empowered and excited, while the vast space of night frightens me.I'm inside now. Someone says: So what are you so afraid of?Then it clicks. I'm trying to speak my deepest fear. My act of empowerment and release. It's a struggle as the words literally weigh heavy on my tongue, so heavy I can hardly speak at all. Finally, though my tongue feels like its 100 pounds, and my words slightly slurred, I vocalize it and break the spell of heaviness. I said: if I can't rely on others (to protect, provide and love me) then that means Its just me (alone).That's it. The fear. The existential and human fear.Strange happenings..moments I can't recall..I'm on the roof now. I see a female friend of mine on the roof. She's placing/preparing little bundles of dry sticks and twigs on the roof. I ask her something about her being close by in proximity in waking life. She says something about not exactly.At one point I'm concerned that she's trying to set my roof on fire. I asked her what she's doing. She says she's preparing fire wood for me so that I'd have it. Someone taking care of me..i think. yet not exactly. She morphs into my own self now.I'm uneasy. I don't know how to address this deep fear. I'm afraid of stepping into an empowered role, afraid of being alone and responsible for It all. Unsure of my ability to take care of myself and others in this world. I'm having a conversation with what appears to be my own self.She explains something to me that I don't quite understand or remember. I tell her I don't understand and ask her to clarify. Suddenly things seem to get a bit dark. We are on part of the roof again. She says some things, I don't quite remember. But finally replies "everyone is suffering" and urges me to remember this fact.She says she will leave me with a little 'gift'. And touches my right arm. This is not a pleasant gift. It feels like an incredibly dense ball of tension moving through my body. It's somewhat painful. This ball travels through my right arm and then makes its way to my left. It's intense.It then starts to make its way up one side of my spine. I don't like this at all. I want it out of me. Things are incredibly dark. My 'self' has become sinister for some reason.Then I'm standing at a mirror. The sinister self is there in the mirror. I'm afraid of her and this knot in my body. I decide I need to do something. I'm going to rid myself of her. I start grasping at this mirror, frantically reaching and clawing at the reflection. She laughs wickedly at my struggle, feeding on my fear.The view is weird, all of a sudden I'm viewing myself from the side angle, arm out reaching for this reflection. the me on the outside of the mirror does not look sinister, but simply afraid. while another me , 90 degrees to my right perpendicular, is also reaching for the original self that is reaching at the mirror. This self is not sinister either, she looks somber. A strange effect. I recall having the thought that none of the 'me's' on the outside of the mirror appear sinister. Just the reflection.The original me is still reaching at the mirror, I'm back at the original angle. The mirror seems to refract and split in two. The sinister me on the right side, still grinning at my attempts, and another me on the left frowning deeply.Finally I say 'f' this and get some courgage. obviously if i cant pull this evil me out i need to go in. In a moment of courage and determination i begin to plunge into the mirror, which is now some sort of thick portal. And the sinister me, her face grins widely and she begins to stick out her tongue, her face morphing into Kali the goddess.And all of a sudden everything disappears again and I see my body. and im trying to climb back into a womb? Entering a woman (Kali?), sort of swimming into and trying to go into this womb in an attempt to flee the world. Im semi-awake at this point as I'm trying to fit into this womb and feel the essence of being nurtured and protected perfectly. For some reason this whole process also awakens sexual energy which is now pulsing at my base. I have the thought that I should remember not to spill it.I awake in a sense of awe and bewilderment. My cramps have calmed quite a bit, but there's a dull deep pain in my core, closer to the right side. My right eye's vision is heavily blurred in one spot. There is also some pain in my arms. I have vivid visuals as I look at my white ceiling.Upon opening my eyes I see a circular pattern resembling the flower of life stretching across the ceiling, it is a bright and vivid yellow, with indigo/purple woven through it. Another circle appears and another and they are interlacing and then becoming a rapidly shifting kaleidoscope of spirit fractal display, they have a similar movement to the base rainbow-spirit fractal psychedelic 'machinery' that I see sometimes in the night, however, their shapes are more defined.These stay for a little while as I try to make sense of it all. My right eye is still a bit blurred half an hour later. The pain in my core has gone away, but cramps have returned, much lighter than before.... I'm always glad for spiritual dreams.. But this one has left me somewhat confused and concerned. I'm wishing there was anyone I could turn to...anyone who had it 'figured out' . When I was young I trusted that adults had it figured out.. But now I know that really no one knows anything.Even 'spiritual' people are still just as much seekers as I. .. So it really is just up to me to navigate this life.. But, am I really equipped for such a thing?.. I feel just as lost. I don't really know anything. And there's so much to know..this whole universe is so intricate..I'm not sure I understand why.. Or what I'm supposed to do...


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