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appreciation (2)

     I was gifted the opportunity to participate in a one on one card reading with my mother. She just received the cards in the mail, and after cleansing them she asked if I wanted a reading.  I said yes, because I have had one question that settles in my mind daily..and I may have found a part of the answer. My question wasn't really worded, but it was along the lines of "Why am I experiencing sadness and frustration without conscious knowledge of what's upsetting me?". The cards were shuffled, and 3 fell out..but we decided to put them back in because..well I'm not sure why. The cards danced some more, and one jumped out. The title of the card was "Organic Foods". My initial reaction was that the card had nothing to do with my question..I just couldn't consciously connect any dots. I voiced this concern, and we decided to do another round, to see what would be shown. I focused on my question, and I put my mind towards a direct answer. One card slipped from the crowd..and it read "Organic Foods". Suddenly I understood something so obvious but I had been overlooking it for over a year. 

     Here is why this card relates so well to my question: I have been vegetarian for over a year, and I suddenly chose to become vegan at the beginning of this year. Long before I made these decisions though, I ate mostly organic foods, and over the years my intake of organic foods has grown to (now) about 90%. The problem that I have been having is that there usually isn't much for me to eat in a house of 6 omnivores. The card was telling me that I have support however..and now I have faith that my body isn't going to actually deteriorate like I sometimes feel it is, and I finally feel 100% okay with the strength of my self control and morals to follow the dietary pattern that I am. I am so thankful for this release of built up worries..and the law of attraction continues to astound me. ~Much love 

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The little things..

     Organic strawberries are an absolutely scrumptious treat, and it is just lovely when you get a bunch of super sweet ones! What caused those sweet strawberries to enter your life and your body? Appreciation. When we take notice of the little joys in life, we attract so much more to us. Being thankful for the mosquito that flew away or appreciating the beauty of a falling leaf - things like that seem to bring more joy than some other "bigger" stories of our lives. Not only will our taste buds love the strawberries, but because of our positive mindset they will also work wonders in our bodies. The energy from those strawberries enters our body and becomes us...or rather we become the energy of the strawberry. Every little event or item can change us.

     So..take time to notice little things that the Earth and our loved ones give us..and try to give back. Even if someone doesn't notice something [seemingly] small that you have done - like get a piece of hair off their shirt while they are turned around, or picking up little things around the house - do it anyways! It will make you a happier person(: 

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