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The other day I saw one of the most amazing shifty movies I have ever seen… League of Gods. A movie so hyperdelic, that I feel it has the potential to help change the world...

The story itself takes place in the higher dimensional versions of reality (from which we all come from) in which things are much more like what we recognize as the active dream space. Gods and humans share a common space. Gravity is present - yet conquerable with will. Feats of martial arts expand beyond the norm, and magic and manifestation is present and abundant for those with the mind and heart to wield it. 

The story is full of conscious themes and a key part of it is about a group of heroes on a quest for the Sword of Light as well as awakening to their own personal legends and destiny. Within the grand play of light vs dark there are a variety of stories unfolding. One character is the last son of The Wing Tribe, and his destiny is regain his wings - which he can only do through his own will power. His personal journey of learning to fly again is a spiritual journey of conquering his own doubts - much like what we experience within the dream space when learning to fly, and within this physical dimension related to manifesting our intentions. 

This movie is once again and example of consciousness doing what it can to help wake itself through the magic of story telling and the silver screen - allowing us to see more of ourselves through the reflections before us. If you go into watching this movie with an open mind and an open heart, it can be a very psychedelic experience,..

The fact that it takes place in the dream-like higher dimensional planes adds for some amazing martial arts scenes, some very trippy aspects of dreams within dream layers, mind expanding beautiful locations, and lots and lots of gem dropping heart opening dialogue. It is also worth mentioning that Jet Li plays an elder wizard in this, and some of what he says is filled with so much truth and light its just crazy….just….oh god…. so next level…

The martial arts in this movie alone is worth the price of admission. There is an opening fight scene that just completely blew me away. When I watch movies I love being able to imagine myself experiencing what the character is doing on screen - needless to say - it was very very exciting to do so with this movie. Also just as a kind of hilarious added bonus - when I went and saw this movie at 4pm on a Saturday - I was the ONLY ONE in the theatre watching it. Just me and the movie. Like many conscious movies, I intentionally approached the experience as a meditation. A chance to download the information that the universe was sharing with me. A chance to connect with my higher (s)elf. It was so awesome... XD

At the time, this movie is only in a very limited theatre run and is shown with subtitles, but if you are lucky enough to have this movie playing in theatres near you - I highly recommend going to see it on the big screen while you still can! 

Right now - the majority of the reviews I have seen online for it are bashing it for too much CGI, a 'crazy' plot, and judging it for being to 'silly'. There is humour in it - and one of the character's journey is that he reborn as a fully conscious martial arts baby version of himself. (He is only temporarily a baby before regrowing into adult form.) Within the fight scenes with the baby there are some included fart related martial arts techniques - which I thought were actually pretty hilarious. But to others - it was probably just more of an excuse to hate the movie.

I think a bit part of people's negative reviews of the movie is because they don't fully grasp the concept of higher dimensional planes of existence. It hasn't been something they have been taught about or have yet to remember or experience. Therefore, they are trying to judge it as if it is a movie based within the physical plane yet just in a fantasy realm. And they expect things to be more solid and consistent and I think in some cases it's just too much for some people - which is understandable. This movie is a massive download, and for those who aren't really prepared for it going in - it could almost fry someones circuit board in a way - which I think is exactly the reason why it isn't going to be super popular the west and other places. To a lot of people it just looks like a bunch of crazy CGI, a weird farting ninja baby, and a wacky plot about flying people and wizards. 

Yet for those who see themselves as Light Guardians, Shifters, Jedi, etc, this movie is for you. This movie is spiritual medicine for your ongoing journey. In alot of ways - this is the consciousness shifting movie we didn't know we asked for. Going into seeing it - I honestly was not entirely sure if it was going to be good or just wacky - but damn - it was good. Part of my motivation at the very least going into it was for it to help inspire my imagination and ongoing exploration and connection with the dream space. I am grateful to say that it has done this - and more. I can honestly say that his movie satisfied me between now and the weight for the release of Doctor Strange in November (another very hyperdelic conscious movie coming out).

In a world in which chaos is appearing in many places, we are in the time when we must choose to rise to the call. We must seek our own Sword of Lights - our lightsabers - our symbolic connection to our roles as the pillars of lights that we are. To weave our way through this multi-dimensional dream with conscious awareness and compassion. We must awaken to the godness within ourselves. We must integrate an understanding of our higher dimensional selves as we continue to live out our destiny here within the grand adventure of this physical plane. 

League of Gods is a portal to help remind us more about who we are as multi-dimensional beings, and what it is that we came here to do….

"When chaos reigns - heroes will rise."


Thank you for reading!

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