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Karma and Linear Time

Karma is an aspect of the harmony in All-That-Is.
Harmony is a popular description of constructive interference of all systems within the Whole.
It is the only method of creation.
As All-That-Is is a closed system we have conservation of energy – energy cannot be lost but only transformed from one form into another (1st law of thermodynamics). Hence in order to create something new one must destroy existing forms, release the energy stored in them and then use it for a new creation. The destruction of forms takes place according to the principle of destructive interference.

– constructive interference and
– destructive interference

is the only operative principle of creation and destruction in All-That-Is. The reason for that is that all its systems and levels are superimposed rotational systems that obey this principle. The latter is an aspect of the Universal Law and follow from the universal property of energy = space-time – the reciprocity of space and time. All-That-Is is an elastic entity and its two constituents, space and time, are canonically conjugated entities.

This is the mechanism of creation of waves and as all systems and levels of the Whole are wave systems, they follow the principle of constructive and destructive interference that is precisely described in the new wave theory of the Universal Law and is also properly acknowledged in conventional wave theory and physics. All 3D forms in the current reality can be considered standing waves created by the superposition of infinite underlying wave systems and corresponding levels that stand in constructive interference. When the parameters are slightly altered, this energetic state of balance, equilibrium and harmony, name it as you will, can suddenly turn into a state of destructive interference and the standing wave system dissipates. This is how 3D forms are created and destructed in any 3D holographic model. All-That-Is is constant creation and destruction as energy must flow in order to keep the systems alive. For instance, all cells of the human body are renewed approximately every seven years, some much more often.

While constructive and destructive interference occurs normally simultaneously and this is how all elementary particles are created and destroyed as wave systems in the physical 3D universe, this principle has been modified in the current 3D holographic model of human incarnation with respect to karma. The two aspects of being are separated for the sake of preserving the stability of this illusory reality.

This is done in the first place by the creation of the illusion of linear time which is a product of limited human senses. In fact linear time does not exist but is an aspect of space (distance), which is another illusion. Actually both space (distance) and linear (conventional) time are one and the same and are only perceived as distinct entities by limited human senses. This has been extensively elaborated in the new Gnosis avaliable.

The creation of illusory space and time in the current holographic model is the foundation of matter that appears as solid, immovable entity. Matter, the way it is currently perceived by humans, is entirely an illusion of limited human senses, and this includes its manipulation with all kinds of instruments in the form of new technologies. This deliberate deception created by the incarnated souls is indispensable for the preservation of the illusion of space-time in this 3D holographic reality.

In the greater reality of All-That-Is all forms of matter are in a state of constant fluctuations and energy exchange. I can see for instance these fluctuations and moving geometric patterns based on peaks and troughs of constructive and destructive interference all the time for roughly 10 years since I entered the LBP(Light Body Process) and my third eye began to open. This is true for all ascended masters currently still in human body on this planet as many members of the PAT(Planetary Ascension Team).

Human vision has the inner propensity to “iron” these fluctuations and to present them to the human brain and mind as stable, immovable objects with fixed surface and form. This illusion is the actual creation of 3D space-time as a holographic image, which is an U-subset of All-That-Is as it is embedded in the higher dimensions and energies of the multiverse that create it and keep it alive. This explains the numerous channellings that say that the higher realms are within us and we need not actually ascend anywhere but only raise sufficiently our frequencies to reach 5D and higher dimensions.

While this is true, we still need to undergo a phase transition that will transform the limited, slow operating carbon-based human brain and mind into a superconductive crystalline-light brain aligned to a multidimensional awareness. This is the prerequisite of true ascension from a physical point of view and all other esoteric descriptions are more or less human fictions because excarnated sources can only channel what is already in the mind of the human channeller and, as we all know, most New Agers do not have much knowledge in their heads, unfortunately…

So far I have not said anything which I have not iterated in infinite variations in my previous articles but it is important to sum up these basic truths here one more time so that you can follow my subsequent argumentation.

In order to keep the illusion of space-time as an entity composed of solid, material forms, including the human physical bodies, even though the latter undergo a biological transformation within one life while seemingly preserving the individual identity, the energetic state of constructive and destructive interference must be neatly separated within one incarnation. Otherwise the incarnated personality may easily discern the deliberate fraud behind this artificial construction and realize that she is an immortal multidimensional entity that exists simultaneously in different incarnations in different worlds and holographic realities, such as alternative parallel earths and the uniqueness of this incarnation experiment would be lost. All the dramas that can be staged only when the human awareness is limited by an almost total separation from the multidimensional omniscience of the soul would not be possible.

That is why the incarnated personality may appear in one incarnation as perpetrator and villain and commit crimes in service-to-self and then in the next incarnation balance this karmic debt by being a victim or having some negative experiences as a compensation for previous crimes. This was the rule of the game as long as the illusion of separation from the source was total and even for enlightened people, such as most New Agers, the human incarnation cycle appeared to be a chronological event of past, present and future lives. In this way the incarnation experiment on earth could be repeated each time in a state of total amnesia about the original higher dimensional realms of the soul in infinite variations again and again.

As all variations were exhausted on earth in the meantime, which means the entire spectrum of all possible negative human experiences was repeated infinite times and nothing new could be learnt by the incarnated fragments anymore, our souls decided to leave this unyielding 3D holographic model and enter again the 5th and higher dimensions of unity and simultaneity, that is to say, to come back home, from where most of the soul fragments incarnate on this planet. This is the eschatological background of the current ascension process for which the PAT is mainly responsible.

A major aspect of the ascension process is the acceleration of time until its total elimination in the moment of the final ID shift (phase transition) into the simultaneity of 5D. This acceleration is an aspect of the significant and constant increase in frequencies of all 3D forms, such as human and animal bodies, inanimate matter, and Gaia as a whole that began with the first harmonic convergence in 1987 which many of us personally felt. It was a call to come back home and our hearts began to beat with joy. Little did we know at that time about the daily crucifixions that were awaiting us in the following time. We must work to make this common knowledge.

The contraction of linear time is a central piece in the theory of relativity as first developed by Lorentz and other physicists in electromagnetism and only then plagiarized by Einstein and applied to the entire space-time of the visible universe. As linear time is identical to space (distance), when the reciprocal constituent of space-time, time = frequency (see for definition of time in the new physical and mathematical axiomatics of the Universal Law) increases in the process of ascension, both space and linear (conventional) time must contract until the zero point is reached. This term is very popular among esotericists although they have no clue what it means from a physical point of view. Actually there is no such thing as zero point as when linear time contracts to a minimal threshold level a phase transition of this holographic model takes place and we have the ID shift, about which I am beginning to writing repeatedly. This is what we are waiting for and this is what will happen this year, hopefully very soon.
The contraction of linear time leads to introduction of immediate karma.

Although this term has also been extensively discussed by us on this website I have never put it properly in its physical context. Immediate karma means that the two dialectical states of constructive and destructive interference are not separated for the sake of preserving the illusion of this 3D holographic reality as ascension is per definition the elimination of this illusion. In the current end phase of ascension both states exist simultaneously in the Now and any situation can immediately flip-flop from constructive into destructive interference and affect its creator and perpetrator. This is how this old 3D matrix with all its manifestations and institutions at the societal levels is now being dissolved with exponentially increasing speed. Please observe that speed is a quantity of space and time and when the two contract, that is to say when the frequencies increase, the speed also increases in a relativistic manner. This observation is another ubiquitous proof for the validity of the new theory of the Universal Law.

Since spring equinox we have entered the final most accelerated phase of creation and destruction in the ascension process when the matrix will be dissolved within a few days and at the same time the new reality of the 5D in form of cities of light will manifest.
Therefore I can only advise my readers to focus on the creative aspects during this last phase in the ascension process and when observing the collapse of the old matrix with all its despicable and dreadful events to do this in a dispassionate manner and only with the goal of gauging the speed of transformation. As we are the creators of this change, the quicker we destroy this old reality with our thoughts, the quicker we create the new 5D and higher dimensional reality and manifest it in this rapidly changing holographic model. This may sound very abstract but it has some very real and practical consequences.

Let us discuss them on the aforementioned energetic background as the energetic dynamics behind the ascension process is currently as abstract and elusive to most human minds as simple as it is in terms of true axiomatics (logic) which humanity has still to learn. Here I will discuss the manifestation of immediate karma and how it occurs at the societal level, in politics, economics and social life.

Essentially we have two factions of humanity that are now being energetically separated and highly polarised (crystalized) in service-to-self and service-to-other people in preparation for the final ID shift. The first group are the so-called dark ones who will not ascend and will not actively participate in all the impending changes before, during and after the ID shift. They will continue with their incarnation cycle on a lower 3D or 4D timeline after they have ended this incarnation with a physical death. This automatically presupposes that many people will have to die in the coming events that will lead to the ID shift and final ascension of Gaia and part of humanity.

This must be said crystal-clear and likewise understood by all those who will be the spearhead of ascension as they are the only representatives of humanity that undergo this process in a conscious manner. Needless to say that I am speaking here in the first place of the PAT and the waves of ascended masters. Therefore you must respond in a very detached and enlightened manner when the negative events begin to stipulate on this uppermost mother planet in the coming days.

These events will be triggered entirely by the service-to-self people that work in state institutions and big corporations as they still have the power to manipulate this reality. Or so they believe at least. As we now have immediate karma, none of these events will harm or even touch the service-to-other people that have made up their mind to leave this reality and ascend. Instead every heinous act the dark ones will unleash will immediately backlash and will hit the perpetrators. In other words no matter what they do, it will be to their immediate detriment.

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Nicholas has worked many years as a personal trainer, specializing in functional movements. Education in health, wellness and injury prevention. As well as nutrition and psychology. He went on to achieve 200hrs (and rising) of RYT training under White Lotus. Currently absorbing studies on Spiritual Nutrition from various esteemed sources. For nearly a decade of enthused research, study, and experimentation in the fields of wholistic health and quantum entanglement - Nick has facilitated direction toward Human Potential Dynamics and Experiential Engineering. He reveals the tools within us all to ignite our embers toward presence, flexibility, relaxation and courage to move beyond our limits of the mind.

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