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New Moon in Cancer – July 2016

Committing to one’s Dharma 

I’ve been reading the Bhagavad Gita with a soul friend of mine, and in that book Arjuna is a warrior but he is having difficulty coming to terms with the fact he must kill people he respects and feels a kinship to. Krishna speaks a lot about detachment and doing your dharma, or sacred duty, from an alignment and inner knowing that we must do our work in devotional service to God, making offerings with a deep reverence, but also dispassionately removing ourselves from attachments to the fruits of our actions, or letting go of the outcome. 

I struggle, as many do, with the concept of living without passion. That is the opposite of a Tantric way of life where you live out your passions consciously with full awareness. And I, like many of us, am integrating these two disciplines. 

Though I fully understand what it is to act with the intention of serving others, serving the greater good, and taking action because that is what feels right with your heart from an inner knowing.. an awareness of, ‘This is my next right act. This is what I must do, for me, and if others are not understanding of it, then that’s ok.. because my Vertical Alignment is intact. I understand what I must do and my heart, my relationship with myself, God, and the Earth, are all in alignment. I feel free as I do this.’

At this time, July 2016, this New Moon is in Cancer, a water sign. And Oh My Goddess my Rainbow Warriors.. we have Mars moving direct – finally – after all year of a retrograde cycle. 

It is like the heavens are sparkling at us again.. sending us signs of what is to come.. and I believe we are being called, and shown, and supported (thank god) into what our Dharma is in this life. What is our sacred duty as guardians of the light? What are we claiming as we are stepping into our new roles? What are we continuing to let go of? I saw a lizard take skin from his leg that he was shedding and eat it. What are we transmuting and can that fuel our new beginning? Are we able to allow any mud around us to nourish the lotus we are? 

So, it is time to begin 2016. For reals. This is the dawn of what is to come. This year has been a transition year, a year of purification, a year of transformation. The solstice was a huge wake up call to really commit to this new self.. and now we get to practice for the next 6 months.. and then the next 3 years.. be in that new identity. 

Experiment with how to play our parts. 

We must commit to ourselves, listen to our souls and trust our intuition. We must practice our arts, hone our medicine, and find ways to serve the earth and bring our medicine to the people. 

And so I have a bit of an announcement to make.. I am going on a quest. I am traveling west to connect with members of my soul tribe, to lead circles, to share healing arts, and practice teaching. I plan to head initially towards the Southwest, maybe over through California, and end up in the mountains. I have a strong pull toward Utah and I want to see Colorado... I want to visit sacred sites, temples, holy places, and do ritual at these locations. I want to meet with others on a similar vibration as mine.. to teach.. to learn.. to sing.. and to share our gifts and medicine with each other. 

So Rainbow Warrior family, if you’re in the states, and you want me to come see you.. to visit and share space, perhaps lead a circle of like-minded individuals for healing work.. I would be honored to create that with you. Right now I am open to receiving where I will be going, and allowing that to take form day by day based on the feedback the universe is sending me. 

Practicing surrender, trust, and commitment to my Dharma, my spiritual teaching work, my shamanic medicine woman path, and being of service to the planet. 

Aho. Namaste. And so it is. 

In love, light, and warrior spirit, 

Michelle Infinity

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My mission is to walk in beauty, to live in tune with the cosmic rhythms of the earth and sky and provide healing tools for others to do the same. I restore harmony by helping people attune and connect to their own inner wisdom through my ritualistic healing work. Through prayer, song, my intuitive counseling practice, sharing conscious writings, media, and visual art, I am here to awaken others to the Infinite in Everything.

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