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I walk into the tall grass...

To find myself in ways that have felt long forgotten...

Into the lucid forest I go, venturing into undergrowth of my mind.  We embark along a path of dew kissed blades of grass, a light dampening on the ground of mud and moss. Stepping forth echoes a memory of my childhood. Innocence swells into my heart compelling me into curiosity and wonder about my thoughts. I stop and sigh. “What are we here to learn? What more can we discover?” the mind whispers back at me. I scan the trees with a deep appreciation, as if I’m looking into the eyes of an old lover, one in which time has cast us apart but our roots keep us strongly coiled in resonance. Familiarity; we both see. Wisdom; we both speak. What may have guided you here differs vastly in what I arrived into. Seeking nothing more than re-connection and guidance by the dance at which the elements step too, I feel my mind loosen with each step taken on the land I will lay down on, discovering what’s next on my journey and what it means to become more of that which I already am. 

I’m okay with you dear reader, chalking that up to hippie jargon. I feel like I no longer have to fight back the urges of my inner truth. I can string together the pieces of myself that I once kept so separated, largely diverted and hidden by the grips of a heavy sorrow filled heart. With each breath here, we open ourselves up to the meanings we’ve hidden inside ourselves for so long. It almost seems senseless that our own selves would do such a crazy thing. Why would we keep our greatness at bay? Why would we lock away those inner worlds? I’m starting to see the notion of time in my reality and how it isn’t something to fight with or cast away. There is a time and a place for everything and often that which we seek is on a search within us, arriving slowly, carefully, with every choice divinely made. 

There’s a lot of validity in having a keen awareness for the cyclical patterns that drum on throughout each season. Somehow for me, the eyes in which I’ve viewed the world through are now becoming softer, more willing to search for meaning again. A compassionate sigh escapes my lips that were once rough and riddled with cynical speech of one who could not be bothered to care anymore. I find that awareness to be of interest to me, for I feel proud of the small strides in the energy I hold on this day. Though temporary, as everything is, I sink deeper into the notion of trust and let my thoughts abide by the richness of how much can be done with that very word. Stretching it beyond the sounds and surface meanings I only once knew, I see that there is no limit to what the lessons are and how deeply they can be explored. This dream…they say it only fades if you let it…


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  • ∞<3

  • totally sychronistic in terms of the thoughts i am having recently and today thankyou for echoing my heart :) + <3

  • Thank you kindly <3 Best wishes moving forth on your journey, Jon!

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