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Every now and then something so synchronistic happens that it is next to impossible to ignore... 

During a recent Paradigm Shift Community Admin Meeting, we experienced just that. Within the team broadcast the topic of trolls came up, and how to deal with them. Trolls is a term used to describe people on the internet who intentionally go out of their way to try and bother and harrass people into specific reactions, primarily by harassing them in coy, immature, and often malicious ways. And so, as we were talking about this as a team, low and behold, the universe was indeed listening. 

"Oh what's that? You guys want some trolls? Oh I'll give you some trolls. Here one second, let me go find the biggest troll on the internet I know... MUAHAHAHHAHA" - Said the universe. 

And just like that. BAM law of attraction in action. Within the short period of time that we were talking about trolls (something that doesnt come up often), next thing we knew we were about to get a surprise visit from THE BIGGEST AND MOST POPULAR TROLL on the internet.....a guy know as KEEMSTAR. And to be clear - he literally just randomly found our live broadcast. No one sent it to him or anything. Everything just lined up in the oh so magical ways that the universe often does all the time (whether we are aware of it or not). The universe wanted this to happen... for a reason.
(Video below)

What happend next was an awesome learning opportunity to apply what we were discussing into action. You see - for me my simple rule with trolls is "Don't feed the trolls." They get off on knowing that they have bothered you. They get off on knowing that they in some way have disturbed your peace. And yet, I personally see a scenario involving a troll (be it on the internet or in person) as an opportunity to test your mindfulness and your ability to maintain your peace, and practice radical compassion. Trolls will throw insults your way - but do you have to accept them? That choice is up to you. The choice is whether you choose to react or mindfully respond. Reacting can be thought of as a more instantaneous emotionally charged reaction to a scenario. Example - someone says to you "I think you are a douche nozzle." Your reaction "eh screw you buddy! You don't know me!" Thus - the troll has won. You have let go of your peace and given it away. The troll has succeeded at his mission.  Where as a mindful response to the trolls attack would be something more along the lines of "Cool story bro." and thus proceed to let the troll know that you did not accept his gift of hatred. Let is slide right past you as you step back and see the bigger picture, and even re-approach the scenario with courageous compassion. 

This circumstance is parallel to a teaching within Buddhism. 

"Suppose an enemy has hurt you in his own domain, why should you annoy yourself and hurt your mind in your own domain? Suppose someone, to annoy, provokes you to do some evil act, why allow anger to arise and thus do exactly as he wants you to do? -Visuddhi Magga

One day, Akkosaka heard that someone from his religion had converted to be a Buddhist monk. Enraged, he stomped off to curse the Enlightened One with harsh words in person. After letting off his steam, the Buddha had a calm conversation with him (as abridged) - 'Do friends come to you as guests?' 'Yes.' 'Do you serve them delicacies?' 'Yes, sometimes I do.' 'If they don't accept them, to whom do they belong?' 'They would be mine.' 'Likewise, that with which you have insulted me, I do not accept - it is all yours. Whoever returns insult to one who insults is said to be sharing company with that person, which I do not.'

Hearing this, Akkosaka assumed he was displeased, to which the Buddha replied, 'Where is anger from one free of anger, who has his mind tamed and equanimous, who is liberated with right understanding, who is tranquil? One worsens matters by flaring up at another who flared up. Whoever doesn't flare up at another doubly wins a battle difficult to win, benefitting oneself and the another. Understanding another's anger, one mindfully maintains one's peace. When one does so to heal the illness of anger for both, those who think one is a fool do not know the Dharma.' Hearing this, Akkosaka remarked at the magnificence of the Buddha's teaching, and ordained as a monk to learn from him, thereafer attaining Nirvana (as an Arahant)!
Akkosa Sutta

You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger."

So again. If a troll comes at you - see it as a opportunity to test your vigilance and ability to maintain your peace in the midst of chaos. One of my core rules in life is to not respond to frustration with frustration. There are multiple levels to every story, and everyone has the spark within them, and everyone deserves to be loved. Often times trolls are people who are suffering on an internal level - hence why they resort to forms of bullying because they may not be supported in a better way of dealing with their wounds. We are here to be mirrors for each other and to help each other through our own personal healing. Be peace and you will help others become peace. Alchemizing a situation with a troll is a great form of Shiftivism (an act to intentionally help shift consciousness.)

And so, back to the story of being troll raided by KEEMSTAR live on air. KEEMSTAR is a very popular troll who literally spends alot of his time using his live audience of thousands as his personal army. He will tell them to flood peoples channels, leave foolish comments, etc etc. And so, when he ever so synchronistically stumbled upon our live broadcast - needless to say - things got extra Shifty....

KEEMSTAR came in expecting to get us worked up like everyone one else. And to some degree some of the participants in the chat were getting their guard up - which I understand. They were there to protect what they cared about (the team space.) But within the short time that he was in the hangout before I removed him, and after the broadcast crashed because of their attack - something else happened - it would appear that our lack of reaction to his attack sparked his curiosity. He wanted to find out more about what who I was and what the project was about....  And so, just like that, as you can watch in the video below, KEEMSTAR, live broadcasting to his audience of thousands, took the time to play some of the videos off my channel, including the beginning of the Awakening Within the Matrix in 5 mins, which also included the opening line being heard by his audience of "Remember - you are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop." And so just even that alone is a potent seed to plant with all the people tuned in. From there he browsed some more and even began playing some of the video with Shelby in it, which again, planted some more seeds! He saw the Free Hugs videos, browsed a bit more, and then low and behold - by the end of it he said that we were "alright" and that he was actually interested in having me on his show in the future - an opportunity which I am open to as another chance to share more consciousness shifting knowledge. So because one thing led to another, the universe used this synchronicity to help broadcast a message to an even wider audience - one that actually left an impression. Multiple people who were watching the stream ended up subscribing to the channel and synching up with the project. 

See what happened for yourself in the recording of the Troll Raid from his end through the video below.

But... personally, I think the impact of this event went beyond what may be entirely noticeable in the moment... You see, in the days after the attack I began keeping an eye on KEEMSTAR, and already I was noticing a shift in him towards more compassion. Now I am not taking credit for that shift - but it seemed that the universe crossed his paths with us in a way that echoed something already inside of him and helped assist him towards his own choices. Because perhaps after all these years of trolling, he was beginning to see more. He was beginning to move beyond it.... he was starting to open his heart... Now for some this may be hard to believe, but in the days after when I was watching one of his live streams I literally heard him say "You know what, I am done fighting people. I'm done." And so... as it would appear - is the biggest troll on the internet going through his own paradigm shift? Time will tell more of this ongoing story.... But from my observation of how the universe works - I do see potential - and what I see is the potential for the spark in everyone. KEEMSTAR was generally curious about some of the Shifty topics within the project, and so I can imagine an opportunity in the future in which he could invite me to be a guest and together we can begin promoting to his audience messages of mindfulness and love. Because in a situation like this the most magical thing about it is that KEEMSTAR is a central node - and so as HE shifts, so too will his audience of thousands... the ripple effect...and that to me sounds alot like something the universe would do... 

So there we have it. The stories continues. Stay tuned to see what happens down the road. I'll keep an eye on KEEMSTAR and we will see where things go from there. 

For those interested they can connect with his channels at - -


Thanks again for reading and for being a part of the shift. May each of us bring more mindfulness into our future experiences with trolls, and be reminded too - that everyone deserves to be loved. 
Alchemize their fear and hate with your love and compassion. Go forth fellow wizards... shift those paradigms...

Also, you can watch the original Admin Meeting broadcast here -

0N3 L0V3

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- Brendon 

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