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Giant Mushroom Foraging


Giant Mushroom Foraging

I dreamed I was in a wide open field with a friend. We noticed that the field we were in was filled with groups of mushrooms that were as big as my arm. My friend wanted to pick them right away and eat them. I told him "don't eat them, they could be dangerous!" I remembered that psilocybin containing mushrooms have black spores. I flipped the mushroom over to look at it's spores and they were light brown. I knew I could not identify the mushroom so I did not eat it. (End of dream)

Looking back if I would have known I was dreaming I may have eaten the mushrooms anyway. I've heard a lecture by Terrance Mckenna where he mentions that if one takes a sacred plant medicine during a dream, they will experience a journey as if they were awake.
I wonder if Lucid dreaming could be a universal loop hole for one to experience a plant medicine which our unreasonable governments have deemed a schedule 1 substance. This is a huge advantage for lucid dreamers. If one knows they are dreaming, one can go seek out a shaman in their dream and take ayahuasca. One can go to a forest and pick magic mushrooms and have an amazing experience. This may be a way of inviting a spirit guide into your dreams. I have recently been researching the link to shamanism that lucid dreaming has.
I've noticed evidence which shows that sacred plant medicine forces one into a lucid dreaming state of mind which is known as "journeying". I'm suggesting that it can also be done the other way around. Dream you are taking plant medicine in your dreams, invite the plant spirits into your dreams, they can teach you things you could never imagine on your own. Ayahuasca is an gentle loving plant spirit teacher, I suggest she would be the first one you seek out. Have fun lucid journeying! Let me know if this works for you. I would love to hear about it. - End


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  • By the way, if you would like some visual stimulation of how to seek out a shaman and have an ayahuasca ceremony. The movie "Blueberry" or "Renegade" has the best one I have seen thus far. It was very much like my personal ceremony. I enjoyed the entire movie but the last 30 min is where the ceremony takes place.

  • I have also played with this thought process and am also interested in this possibility. I have experienced various dream experiences of similar sorts. Indeed it is another very interesting reason for being interested in the dream space. How deep does the rabbit hole go?

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