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Today, for the first time in a long time, I was able to get back downtown (London, Ontario, Canada) to do some Free Hugs while running some errands. Free Hugs, aka Shiftivism, are something that I have spoken about many times, and will continue to advocate for as long as I am on this earthly plane (and beyond). It is who I am, as a Shifter - a social alchemist - a real world super hero.

I have been actively doing Free Hugs in a variety of places and scenarios since about 2011. To me they are a beautiful way to help create new realities and accelerate the shift for various reasons. They are passive in the sense that the people who are open to hugs will come to you. They are great for those passing by to see to. They are about free smiles too. They evoke synchronicity - the right people will cross paths with you at the right time. You never know when someone could use a huge. They promote the act of compassion in general. They provide a juxtaposition to the noise and chaos of mainstream cultural norms. They create an opportunity for real human to human heart opening connection and conversation, and more. But after the person receives a hug and goes on their day - what happens next?

To create a more definitive answer to this question, I began doing something I refer to as Free Hugs 2.0. These are free hugs with an added layer of dimension that makes them even more effective and their impact long lasting. A way to effectively hack the matrix with love, as I like to put it. The basic concept is fuelled around the Paradigm Shift Central project. Instead of having a person walk away from a Free Hug and possibly never seeing them again - I want to help ensure that the possibility of crossing paths exists with certainty - both within the digital space and the physical space.

The simple way how this works is made possible due to the incredible potency of the Shift Buttons. The Shift Buttons, what I am wearing in the image above, all have conscious symbols and the website for Paradigm Shift Central on them. Whenever someone receives a hug, I say to them "Congratulations, you passed the test! Here - pick an awesome button!" At this point their face lights up. Sharing a gift is a great way to create more of an impression in that moment. Now of course I tell them briefly that there is a really cool website on the button that they can check out that encourages open-mindedness, there are videos about metaphysics, full length movies, podcasts, interactive community, and lots more. To end it off, I also pass onto them an invitation for the local Paradigm Shift London open-minded discussion meditation circle that we host here in our city every Friday. I explain to them that it is a great place for people to connect as community. At this point, the seed has been planted. What began as a hug has now evolved into an opportunity for that person to connect with the community and other like-minded people in very real and life changing ways. This helps build the community as a whole, spreads the act of compassion, and accelerates the shift. 

Within the 36 minutes that I was downtown I handed out all the Shift Buttons I had and connected with a heck of a lot of people. All of them excited, thankful, and eager to check out the community project. What they do beyond the moment we met is up to them - but what I have done has revealed a new path, shown them an open door, planted a conscious seed, and helped birth a new reality. Even if they just go to the website, there is enough on there for them to continue to see learn and explore further down the rabbit hole for months and months. I am just a part of the universe doing what it can to help wake itself up. 

Since this method is so effective, it is my goal to help as many other people as possible have the opportunity to do Free Hugs 2.0 too. This is part of why the Paradigm Shift Central project exists - to assemble a global team of Shifters and help them build Paradigm Shift communities. To replicate this tried and true tactic elsewhere. This is why the Shift Buttons are available through the store online - to give us next level tools. But in an even more epic way, this is why I am willing to provide as many Shift Buttons as people ask for when they sign up to support the patreon to keep doing the Paradigm Shift Central project full time, and to literally allow me to continue to be a committed Free Hugger / Shifter for my city and other places I plan to travel. Shifters, Shift communities, and Shift Buttons in as many cities as possible is the goal. 

Now part of what I was reminded of while doing Free Hugs today was the difference my presence makes (or someone else doing it) that my city needs. You see, standing literally on the corner across from me are two fellows who are there day after day on a megaphone preaching about how everyone is going to hell. People can't do anything about them other than ignore them, and you can tell that people are just tired of them - but it is their free will to stand at the busiest intersection downtown day after day. So as you can imagine, that by me being there it creates a nice juxtaposition. People see me as a breath of fresh air, and it brings hope back into the downtown in an exciting and engaging way. I truly wish I could be down there every day. Since I began, it has been my mission to help transmute the energy of that entire part of downtown, to plant conscious seeds one by one - to literally Rebirth Babylon from Within, as I say. One step at a time, one opportunity at a time, I will continue to do so. 

Being a Shifter is literally being a real world super hero - using our abilities of the heart, our wisdom of synchronicity and intuition, our tools of technology, and our will to be social alchemists, to help be the change we wish to see, and bring more smiles into this world. 

So, I ask you - are you a Shifter too?
If you feel you are, or would like to learn more, please feel free to sign up and join the global team. (Click Here)

Below is a tutorial video showing you more about the Free Hugs 2.0 tactics. 

You can join the patreon to support our team mission as a Shifters and get as many Shift Buttons as you ask for as part of your Shifter Booster Kit to add to your real world game experience to help shift consciousness when you sign up at 

Choose to be the change you wish to see. 

0N3 L0V3

- Brendon 


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