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And so with that said, let the adventure begin. If all goes to plan this will be my first successful post completed entirely from my ipad, with video embedding included. I only just recently found an easier way to move mass files off my ipad, effectively clearing space and returning functionality and media purpose back to the device as a video camera. The tech end of things isnt fully ideal yet, but we will find our ways to make it work :D Livenet is about practice and creating a space to write, film, create, and share. A collective exercise to journal and observe how it will change our reality in doing so. So, here we go. _ While waiting for the bus today after work I found myself contemplating what to do. I wasnt even sure if I was going to catch the bus. I just knew I had until the time it arrived to decide. After awhile of silence I remembered that I had one of my favourite ninja training tools in my backpack - A tennis ball! And so with that I got my body moving and practiced some cognitive reflex and flow training. Its amazing how much difference a bit of movement can make. So as I say in the video, I encourage you to carry a tennis ball with you to. Practice when you can and enjoy doing it and enjoy observing yourself progress and refine your jedi reflexes!
So continued funny story - as the bus was coming I decided to wait to see if the express bus was right behind it. A risky maneuver, and it had an unpredictable out come. Because I waiting for the next bus I ran into another dreamer...

The following insert was all written once I got on the next bus. _ I am on the bus now. There is a middle aged couple sitting next to me, i naturally come on board with my eyes scanning for any shifters. I figure if I sit next to them i can hear talk. I sit down and am about to adjust my ear buds when I realize that they are communicating in sign language. How fascinating. The man is wearing moccasins. The wife has multiple bracelets, some appear to be crystal. And she has an interesting necklace. I load up a pamphlet and button combo to give to them as a gift, i just have to pay attention to when they pull the string. Knowing my luck they will get off at the same spot as me - the mall. I wonder who between them is either deaf or mute. Both? I guess I will find out. Eyes are like ears. Wow. They are pretty effective at it, of course right, its built on a relationship. Awwwww they just kissed, my heart twanged...because I thought about the girl who I want to kiss...
Well, its 632 now. Its kinda neat to just keep writing within the limited bus time. WHAT WILL COME OUT?! Of my brain....? Through my body...somewhere, or everywhere, theres a part of me that sees me from the top down. And its pretty interesting to see into that. Thats the process of taping in to our psychic abilities. I mean look at them. Amazing. Sooo psychic. I am going to talk to them way or another....exapecially because they can read my lips. But communicating is reading each other on so many levels. Ya they are goen to the mall. Almost there. Then seeing Jurassic Park because I Hear there is a twist in it! Oh boy. 637 almost 639. Here we go through the portal once again.
I gave the couple the gift. Neither of them could speak, but they were grateful. I communicated to them as I left with the only hand sign I know - the hand sign symbol for love ( which is the same as the Spiderman web shooting hand gesture) And so here i am inside the theatre, inside the dream box. These reality simulators we call movies. Oh, here we go.

*watches movie*

Last note of the night. Dinosaurs are people too. Movie had some good conscious themes in it. Alot to do with humility and inter species empathy and communication. I would recommend it. Star Lord does a good job in it :P _ And so, thats my quest journal from today. Let this be a bit of an example of how yours can work too, and using a variety of media, including images too which I did not do here. Chronologically I still have content from previous days I want to share too, which I will get to.
But this one is pretty live. Time for me to post this and get to sleep and develop the habit more another day. I look forward to seeing what your quest journals will be as we all continue to evolve.

0N3 L0V3

- Brendon


carpet cleaning palm beach

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  • I read half way through.. Had some errands to run... Finished at the mall...
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