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Quest Journals

Ecstatic Dance is Everything

It was quite a journey to drop back into the SoCal vibe about two weeks ago. To again fully immerse myself in the warmth of the desert the pace and the populous of SoCal is truly a thing. But damn has it been groovy. I know where to go to find my people and I hit up the meetup app hard when I got out here. I immediately found a goddess bonfire to attend.  (Wise Women of Light Temecula Valley

Now for those of you who don’t know, I was just living very close to

Dayne Herndon (Starseed and

Gabe Solomon (The New Human

and they totally activated me in the direction of my ascension. I was taken a bit by storm by the whole thing and a little overwhelmed, so I withdrew a bit and went inward to recuperate from the intergalactic tuning I was experiencing inside my body. One could say that I was a bit traumatized and needed a moment outside of the ET communities.


Then, after being at this bonfire,


which by the way is on this amazing property in Fallbrook California. The owners of the land just open their home to use for conscious gatherings! The property hosts ponies, and peacocks, and many plants that can be wild foraged! It’s amazing!




I’ve been at the bonfire for maybe 40 minutes or less and my Goddess guide drops hints of her own intragalactic resonances and her connection to the hybrids. I’m thinking

“Oh shit…”

and then my soul kicks in and is like


“Yup she’s (she being the message of the yet to be fully known) comin’ back around.”


I later told a friend how baffled I was to meet my ET lineage again in the expression of the first person I  meet (outside of my already existing circles in California) upon returning to this western land. My friend said something to the degree of,


yup, you can’t avoid the truth once you’ve found it, it just keeps coming back around in different more appropriate packages.


And aho to that!


So now here I am this past week waiting for my Aya necklace to arrive from, because grandmama is calling to me so hard and I have yet to embrace a journey of ingestion with her. I’m chillin’ with my paradigm shift central peeps in the team hangout soaking up all the vibes & then thanks to my bellybutton human mama’s training at a local massage school I find myself riding her coattails to an invite to participate in an ecstatic dance jam in San Diego. If this isn’t shifty I certainly don’t know what is.


And my God/dess people! This dance community is sacred, delicious, vibrant, talented, serious, cosmic, and light-hearted, like I don’t even have words. MMMMMM! Go! Join me! Feel the vibrations! Wooooooh!


First this is their website and this is their Facebook Group and this is where you can find an ecstatic dance community in your area


Second these beauties are who held space, guided movement, provided healing mixes, and live music medicine for this AMAZING gathering of souls


Third I’m not even entirely sure how to encapsulate the completeness of the journey I went on in words so I am going to approach sharing it through stream of consciousness creative writing. Let’s see how this goes.


I enter the space behind the vegan smorgousboard where bohemian fashion medleys congregate around craft tables and black bean burritos. I feel the humans heavy connecting with the first two chakras. Flow Shakti guides us. I’m one with this organism as I take off my shoes and let my arms hang. It’s smooth. It’s breathing, we’re all so dense. We move up through the wheels of life that we associate with various breaths and lights, colors, expressions of the divine, that move through space and time. Arms down breath out, stomp your feet, let your wing arms dance you through the space. Connect feel see the changes as they progress. There is nothing but this complete presence left.


My whole body tingles on the very first level of flesh in just remembering this place, this space, this utter grace. I touch my own face. I put hand to heart and belly. I am alive. I dive. We close the circle with one word and a clap and then we recommune for the rest. The part of the night that is as solo and free as you’d like it to be. Flow sets the bar high with words like consent and touch, and just walk away. God how blessed I am to see the light of this day.


The music begins to play ALIA is the sherpa on this journey through the soul. This dance movement and music is what makes me whole, without it I’m not sure I would know my role. Rolling over the bodies of only God knows how many beings, we become one organism on the floor, someone's thigh is on my face, contact improv are two words that could define this place. I hang from a human's arms as they spin around in one place. I try to fly the bird on their acro yoga legs. I’m offered a back massage as I go to rest, angels of the let down there is nothing left.


Nothing left to do or see when you know you’ve been a part of creating such a reality. The serpent it rose inside of me. I cleansed trauma right out of the sore parts as I shook it off. I sat in front of the fan and gave myself a hug. I rode waves of chi while giving my weight to the leg of another being, I danced with a fairy who in her, me I was seeing. Calm down feel myself and allow another to join me, peaceful waves and cataclysmic Kali I can share all of me.


Woooosh the big beats stop I’m on the floor holding the hand of a man. The flute is dancing across souls in bodies mostly strewn across the floor. There is nothing more, nothing more to do nothing more to be seen, the ceiling is a scene of green dots dancing through the dark, hark! The herald angels sing in the sound of wind like that of saturn's rings. Goddesses are flowing breath from their chest, and I hear the sound of home, of womb, of rest.

I remember my home somewhere on Saturn, somewhere in the endless night sky. I feel the women inside the man in the hand of the guy, whose head is now tilted gently under mine. Beside me another massages the knots out of their belly. None of this is silly. It is where a bunch of inner kids, and angels, and wild beasts are cooing and crying and growing. Please. Please acknowledge that we are reminding ourselves of what it's like to be back home. We are creating the reality we know best and prefer above all else on this earth, this ground. We are drawing it down. I shared this moment with my belly button mother, the one whose womb brought me to this earth, and in that same moment I knew my complete and total worth. We stretched we moved and came back to life, we circled up and tossed anything that wasn’t ours into the flame. We made a silent commitment to take this with us throughout every day. Everyone was seen with one or two more words and we clapped and we were all heard.


The light in me honors the light in you




I love you as I love me

Sat Nam

-Beth F

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As an Infinitely creative, empathic, love driven teacher Beth harnesses her inner fairy goddess powers to put her clairvoyance & energy awareness to work via literary arts, healing arts, and nurturing arts.

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