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The other day a friend of mine was sharing about their experiences as someone who is highly sensitive to energy and was asking for help. In response I turned to the community to collectively gather our insights and ideas related to this topic (shown below).

At times their sensations seems to overload when in active public places or even in one to one conversations. When they connect with someone through the eyes they explained how they would have a visceral sensation that would often times be a reflection of the other person's energy and intentions. This would happen both willingly and unwillingly. From what I understand, it seems that they have not always been like this. So since it is fairly newish to them, they have been struggling to try to understand just what is happening to them, and how to evolve their relationship with these experiences and in turn be able to find harmony within themselves so that they can still actively function on a day to day basis, and even be able to attune their gifts in ways to support themselves and others. 

Now for me personally, I think this topic is very interesting, very important, and something alot of people can relate to yet seldom get to talk about. These abilities are no longer something we can keep in the realms of science fiction. The concepts associated with things like Jedi and X-Men are more real than many realize.

I think simply put - A lot of these sensations people are experiencing are becoming more and more common as we continue to collectively move further along in the story of us awakening to our multi-dimensional reality. All of us are empaths by nature, and as such it is part of all of our journeys (as much as we consciously choose) to explore, understand, and experience our relationships with energies of this reality. When we do develop a harmonious relationship with our senses we also begin stepping into more of our potential, and these "abilities" become a normal part of our human spiritual experience. Things such as developing intuition. Foresight.  Actively tuning into inspiration and internal insights. Improvements in physical health. Intentional empathetic connection with others. Dream exploration. Intentional co-creation, and more. These are all ways that allows us to step back into a remembrance of our connection to all things and in turn gift us the abilities we can use to help continue to change the reality by being able to more intimately connect with our experiences as a part of it.

In the same way we communicate with our words, we also communicate energetically locally and non-locally (and beyond linear time) through both our heart and mind consciousness. Understanding that we are always communicating / broadcasting and creating the reality around us is a core concept in being able to help root more responsibility and sovereignty within our day to day lives. 

(Art by Cameron Grey)

From my own way of perceiving it, part of how I like to explain things and to be able to understand the root of why humans have the tendency to be highly sensitive to energies is to understand that we exist in an ocean of energy to begin with. When we are not noticing the energy around us - it does not mean it is not there. It just means that our "filters" are up or we are simply just not tuned into the frequency of those energies. Simply put, I understand that reality is very very hyperdelic by nature, and that consciousness has intentionally created these human bodies to help create an experience where we by default filter out alot of the data around us. Now it does not mean that we are not actually still receiving or interacting with it - but it just means that is is happening on a sub/hyper conscious level that may not be in our immediate perception. 

To me it is important to be able to understand that having extra sensory awareness or being 'psychic' is actually something quite normal to the human experience. And right now - a big part of our experience is understanding this and in turn being able to learn how to integrate this awareness and create harmony within ourselves. Through our own transformation we are then able to shift our relationship with these senses. 

It's amazing how each human experience is so unique. Some people WISH they could feel energy more. And some people WISH they could feel energy less. The fact is - both paths are important. Some people learn to be psychic by learning how to open their senses, where as others will learn by grounding themselves in the midst of overwhelming open-ness. 

Like anything in life, everything is a teacher. When people suddenly or gradually begin to notice they are more sensitive to the energy around them - it is not a curse - it is the universe's way of helping us learn, as challenging as it may feel at times. The trick to being able to learn is to be able to communicate and discuss the topic in a place of non-judgement where we can share our understandings and our personal tips and techniques as to how to work towards harmony, and then take the steps to integrate the knowledge into experience.

I believe that this scenario is becoming more and more common, and many people are also seeking guidance. Simply being able to understand how "normal" this is in the first place is a huge part of the process. This is why I forwarded this topic to the community through my facebook profile to help create a discussion and document some valuable insights for others to read about.

Below is the full conversation as it appeared on my wall. Thank you again to all of those who contributed to this important discussion. 

Much love. 



This is an honest and relatively serious question I am asking for a friend (and anyone who can relate).

What advice do you have for someone who is recently extra sensitive to energy and their environment (empathic, clairsentience etc) to the point where it can be challenging to go out in public places like malls and such?

Side notes - this person is also fairly new to the realms of Shifty stuff and is seeking guidance to learn 'what to do' with their 'gifts'.

Thanks in advance.
(Link to Original Facebook Post:


Cristina Mohr ·
The stone Labradorite helps keep others' energies from overwhelming you.

Michaela Zanghi-Brown 
This 100 percent speaks to me as well! Would love to know it can be very hard for me to socialize as well, extremely much so !

Andrew Lund 
Have them envision a bright white light all around them. Any energies that flow into that light will instantly neutralize and it will be easier to be in public . I'm the same way. It's hard for me to even be in a parking lot full of people walking around.

Kris Ev 
Sounds like me...

Dorie Raven 
Hematite is a big help. Get a small piece you can hold and play with.

Adam Stepp 
Physical exercise.

Barbara Santora 
 I would recommend reading information on Empaths and the Highly Sensitive Person HSP...I am like that as well and have become quite reclusive..i have learned a clearing technique from James Gililand that I do several times a day..We are sponges and must clear several times a day sometimes..whenever we feel unbalanced or uncomfortable or anxious..Ii could share that.. Also Orgonite helps with EMFs which we are extremely sensitive..i still struggle with this daily. I will be moving to a less populated area which is more rural and quiet..being in nature is very clearing and healingand is also a great healer for HSPs/Empaths. Using your intuition/Discernment and avoid toxins and toxic areas and people. This person can friend me if wanted. 

Ruh Giri 
It was also challanging for me to go in a public places.this happen because of lack of due to meditation it can be changed.. And always be positive..

Kristy Russell 
Ask the question of yourself "is this mine?" The more you practice separating yours and others it is much easier to allow energy to pass you than carry it or take it on as your own your friend can message me if they need 

Monika Wójtowicz 
This is what I do as well, I find that it at least allows me to move forward and not be caught up in feeling.

Monika Wójtowicz 
I honestly could have check myself into a hospital as my mood swings were out of this world until I realised they weren't actually mine 

Monika Wójtowicz 
Yeah, it still amazes me how easily I pick up on other's energies. Especially feelings of anxiety. And it does take a good sense of self and insight to be like.. Yeah wait a second who's the source of this.

Brittany Ann 
Following this post because I still struggle with this more times than not. If I think of some things that help me I'll come back and post them <3

Gurpreet Singh Cheema 
The only thing that really helped me when I first started to see/feel more was meditation. That and learning how to ground myself. It definitely made it easier to distinguish the feelings of others from my own, which made it easier to let it go and flow with the feelings of those around me.

Eileen Gormley 
Meditation has helped me immensely. I love kundalini yoga.

Gurpreet Singh Cheema 
Kundalini Yoga is great for grounding, and the expansion of consciousness!

Áine NicLuirg 
Introspection is perhaps best place to begin. But also having something with them at all times which helps ground their security and ability to stay centered. Stone, crystal, trinket or gadget or something sentimental / personal to remind them of the strength of spirit..

Nathaniel Solace 
Assure them that they can hone those skills and gifts and ultimately align their energy, identity and resilience to their choosing. <3

Gurpreet Singh Cheema 
If they're up in or near BC get them to come check-out a meditation class. I teach mindfulness based meditation classes, and spend some time talking about empathy and other aspects that awaken with meditation.

Here's our website:


Justin Bardawill 
step 1: don't go to a mall.

Kara Behnke 
Create energy shields (by daydreaming or using your imagination / mind's eye) around you that only allow positive, nurturing energy (with your best-intentions-at-heart) into your personal bubble -- and filter out any energy or beings or emotions that don't serve you. You can think of the energy as a guardian / barrier -- no judgement. 

When feeling a strong emotion, you can sit with it and ask yourself, "is this feeling mine?" Allow it to express itself -- thank it for expressing itself -- and then release it back to Source once it has done so.

Eve L. Baddenrongh I'm another one who could use some help with that. Chanting Sanskrit healing mantras usually helps on the worst days. I learned most of my mantras here: 
I strongly recommend getting both the book and the CD; the CD is not an audio version of the book, it is a concentrated pronunciation guide for the most frequently requested and useful mantras. The book has additional mantras, and a wealth of additional information about meanings, uses, how to practice, and much more.

Healing Mantras: Using Sound Affirmations for Personal Power,…


Barbara Santora 
I do chanting to helps me also

Brendon Culliton 
Thanks again team. Awesome to see another solid collection of perspectives.

Eleanor Bailey 
Sounds like me, thanks for posting

Isis Citlalmina 

Personally this is something that I've dealt with for a very long time I don't really have an answer for that because it's something that comes and goes not really sure the reason maybe the moon phases but I do wear crystals maybe that helps are not 100% on that basically just have to do a lot of affirmations and keep positive thinking a lot of willpower. Being in large crowds is especially challenging for me it's something I still haven't gotten over I prefer to be in very small groups or just alone altogether at home I feel more comfortable that way.
I've also found that asking for signs by my guides or angels and seeing them appear in front of me helps me feel like I'm protected even when I'm paranoid or having a panic attack

Abigail Thomas ·

Assert your energy and stay around people who are most compatible energetically as much as possible. there is a rebound fear and anxiety that comes along with this so try your best to be mentally centered, know you are not crazy, weak, or abnormal.. but you have a gift which you must learn to wield instead of being overcome by it. and ill say it again, often times you will suffer more from the anticipation, but once you can override that it gives you a greater advantage to being more in control of the your own energy as well as the ones you absorb around you. as a person with this kind of gift it usually means your energy field is more expanded and you dont hold many protective barriers but definitely BUILD those energetic boundaries by being conscious in every moment what you are being receptive to. therefore you can use your gifts on a needed basis. it takes time and practice but you will catch on soon enough. (written from personal 

Eileen Gormley 
Practice psychic shielding techniques. They can envision being enclosed in a bubble which has layers of positive energy if desired, such that it lets in only energy the person can comfortably handle and keeps one's own energy inside. They can add that there is an outer layer that repels negativity. Always being mindful of one's own personal emotions can help an empath identify what is theirs and what is another person's or the group energy. And always keep mindful of positive affirmations and love. (tips from a Wiccan priestess)

Scott Gillies 
Simply accepting the situation will lead to transformations. While denying information may lead to complications.

Scott Gillies 
Woot!! I just came up with ^that for this now!

Raini Ostler Pachak 
Eat fruits and vegetables, spend time in nature, write books, make music, play in the water, sleep in the shade, climb trees, grow gardens, follow your intuition.

Eileen Gormley 
And, kundalini yoga! Any exercise which grounds the top 2 chakras to the root and gets the energy flowing up through all the chakras helps balance psychic energy.

Jon Eaton 
Acceptance of everything. Quit trying to add everything up, get out of the chatty mind. Focus on something light like the patterns in the floor. Play a little game with the cracks in the floor. It's all good up on the higher planes.

Misty Dawn Bertholf 
I struggle with this also. If it doesn't serve you and you don't need to do such activities, dont. If they are things that need to be done to further grow then don't hold yourself back. I recognized when I feel discomfort towards a situation or circumstance it was my body/soul telling me this doesn't serve me and I need to focus my energy else where!

Jon Eaton 
Oh and I understand why a lot of people talk about protection and shielding and whatnot, but I find that what that does is just affirms the belief system that something outside can actually have power over you. I find that if you treat all "negative" things as if they were just projected illusions, and neutral, they dissolve. If instead you walk around with your spiritual "fists up", its usually just amplifying any of that.


Barbara Kirk 
What Jon Eaton said is true. It's better to learn to let it flow through without resistance. Observing the energy objectively without absorbing or rejecting is something that must be done with conscious practice. Over time it gets easier. The fun stuff is sometimes in observation of the energy flowing you will notice sometimes that parts of your own light body will be vibrational match for whatever is going on. Then you can either enjoy it, deal with it, or ignore it for now or for ever as needed.

Christopher Cortez 
Teal Swan has spoken of this before. Her teachings might be helpful

Alfonzo 'Oni' Pierre Aliomar 
Take it slow and pay attention to your reactions; exposure builds strength.

Eddie Grace 
Meditation to practice becoming familiar with heightened thoughts and feelings. Crystals help me also I wear auralite and opal on a necklace.

David Almustafa 
orgonite, it has to have as much metal as possible to maximize the transmuting power... lots of fancy orgonite is all resin and crystals, but powerful orgonite is packed with metal and only requires one quartz crystal to focus the energy

Tanya Talisa Spence 
pray for the guidance of transmutation

Joyous Meraki ·

Grounding deffenitly. Hematite (for grounding), labradorite (for protectinf your energy field, it puts on a shield on you), fluorite (for protection), zoisite in roby (thats for high sensitive people. Really helped me a lot)

Michael Pratt 
I would say banish in a ritualistic manner all of the things that are making that difficult for the individual. The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram is great for this. Then, go to those places. "Kiss the dragon" It's better to kiss the dragon because otherwise you'll always be running from the dragon. The best way to defeat fear is to face it head on, this can be a gradual process but don't let a place like the mall or something lower your will power. Take your power back and kiss the dragon!

Sarah MacKenzie  
Is this person taking psychedelics on a regular/semi-regular basis?

How old is this person?

Is your friend getting enough nutrients?

I start with biological basics before moving on to the mystic 

Samuel Alder 
meditate, get centered, come back to living in the heart.

Brandie Kohl

Donna Eden's Daily Energy Routine [OFFICIAL VERSION]


Mane Sasa 
Study the environment and patterns of behavior. Interact and connect with people using a mind not heart. Explore ideas using conversation and power of speech.
Make the long term plans and place them in the heart. Peace

Tomahawk Tom
 Learn to get in touch with anger. Use it as a protective force. People who are extra sensitive may not have received the protection they needed when they felt sensitive so it may not feel safe to do or feel sensitive around the world.

Jesse Gaucher 
gotta stay focussed on projecting ones own energy at that stage. its very important to know what youre energy is like or, better yet, what you want it to be like! when you

Kyle David Nybakken 
Be comfortable with yourself. Know what you can do. But be confident enough to know that your power is in your control. - also don't confuse social anxiety with magical gifts. Social settings can be scary if your intro.
Kyle David Nybakken 
Meditate. Ground and shield yourself before going out - learn Magick. - silver Raven wolfs solitary witch - get the book. Read. Practice.


If you have more tips and insights please leave your comments!

0N3 L0V3

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  • Ground, ground, ground.

    Learn to ground your energy. This isn't easy at first and takes  a lot of practice.

    A tool I find most useful is being 'the observer'. Here, you are separating to some extent from your current emotional experience. Learning to ground will help you achieve this. But, taking a breath, grounding, and observing your feelings rather than getting whipped up in them. Realizing that you may be experiencing someone elses energy, or more likely, many different types of energies that are hard to process together. Ground. Breath. Observe.

    Find a tumbled stone to keep with you, rub it in-between your fingers when you start to feel confused, overwhelmed, dizzy, etc. Putting up a mental shield helps some people (I find this less effective when distracted/overwhelmed, but probably just need more practice). Step away, find a park, a forest, some nature to calm you down. If that's unavailable, you always have your imagination (use it for good things!). 

    Truly, yoga helps a lot. Specifically non-competitive type yoga that encourages visualization, loving self-talk, and is balanced between connecting the mind, body, and spirit. This type of daily yoga practice works miracles in changing mental thought patterns to be more healthy, helps you to be 'the observer' rather than living in a reactionary state, can be a good gateway into meditation if that is something that seems far-fetched for you. I could go on ;)

    Sending hugs.


This reply was deleted.

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