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So here’s the deal. I’m beginning to feel more than I’ve ever felt and It elicits in me a desire to melt. I always resonated with the portion of the Bhagavad Gita in which Krishna tells Arjuna that if he were to truly experience the fullness of Krishna’s essence, which is love, it would be like the light of a thousand suns. I understood that Arjuna would die if he witnessed this in his human form, I’m feeling that way these days. I feel like I have no choice but to witness the full glory of Grace and I’m dying as a result. Like a child whose security blanket is being taken away because they have “reached that age”, I feel like my ego, my shadow-selves, and my shortcomings that I created in response to fears, are being stripped from me rapidly. Only by way of having them dramatically thrust in my face and demanding that I deal with them head on though.

I have seen in various works of art human forms rising into the light of heaven or the web of the cosmos. I’ve seen earth opening up and taking humans back into her womb through pools of water. I know this ascension process isn’t taking me away but rather waking me up. It’s horrifying to have only known the world of the half awake and then to suddenly be fully conscious at the drop of a pin! I feel like I imagine a deaf or blind person might feel if they were to suddenly regain sight or hearing. Talk about a paradigm shift!

I feel that I am opening up into the state of being that I imagined I would feel when I unified with the source. There is a little bit of an issue though. I had this notion that in the unification process I would leave behind my human container and all the sense perceptions and emotional and mental bindings that come with it. I’m learning that is not the case & I’m uncomfortable hahahaha.

Does anyone else feel like they are splitting at the seams? Like they are an egg full of light cracking open and not entirely emitting light but recognizing that it is one with the light? 

I feel like this! It’s BEAUTIFUL and also very uncomfortable. My body is this now fractured shell and I’m not shedding it. It’s sticking around for the ride! I know I need my body to do the work but I feel like it hasn’t done the right training yet to be the fucking prism that the ascension is demanding it be.

Anyone have any tools for toning the human body to receive the fullness of what is is being asked to right now?

I mean I’ve been practicing yoga for over a decade now and I have lived in a temple and meditated to the point where it has permeated my default lifestyle. I work with an oracle deck, I practice self-care and selfless service through energy work, and I have been actively participating in a Buddhist sangha. All that was doing the job but now I am feeling like all of that is old paradigm stuff that is no longer what I need.

I need a “prism practice”. A boot camp for ascending souls if you will. I’m calling on you shifters to help me outline exactly what that is. OK go….in the comments below.

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As an Infinitely creative, empathic, love driven teacher Beth harnesses her inner fairy goddess powers to put her clairvoyance & energy awareness to work via literary arts, healing arts, and nurturing arts.

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