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Basically, how I process. An example.

An example of how I process if I have no one to talk too, because it's not always needed to unload your burdens on people. We have tools for dealing with our emotions and any drama that unfolds in our lives.
One of my favorite and most effective method, imo, is flow writing (you can edit later for grammar if that bugs you), just write out or type what's on your mind as it comes to you. Don't worry if it's a little mean. N one has to see this but you. You may feel free to share it, sure, just don't intentionally throw shade at someone else - it will come back to you multiplied.

This post is mostly so I can start getting content on here, posting whatever I can right now will sear it into my memory for future posts, blogs, stories - whatever my little elven hands can create! And keep me coming back to the hub.


I wonder if I really am just faking it. Maybe all this anxiety from excess cortisol is just an excuse for being a lazy mooch. Maybe being molested multiple times as a child doesn't really do anything to said child, alcoholism is just a choice and all of this is just the whining cries of a lazy, self entitled brat-man-child, with nothing better to offer this world than some silly ramblings and his wasted time.


OK, now that Ive flowed that out. I feel like I am totally fine in what I am doing in life. I've made the choice to stop drinking, I am growing a business (quite well actually) and have multiple projects at ground level, ready to be taken to the next - as soon as the time and energy is right. Meaning, when I have made enough return on my current ventures.
I am in a meaningful relationship with a wonderful gal, a kindred spirit, who does so much to help support me in my dreams and life, and I strive to do the same for her. She helps me so much while I am growing my business and clearing my overhead expenses. I'm grateful for her and anyone who tries to imply that it's ever anything but that, can take a walk right out of my life - you will not be missed. We may appear to be weak, but actually quiet and meek. We observe and see. Chipping away at our relationship has only made us that much stronger.

I have a pretty good handle on my anxiety these days and all I have to do as a therapy is not get stressed out. Meditation, various yogas and a healthy dose of el diablo del verde.

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Yeah, buddy. Doin' some bloggin'.
Click click goes the mouse on the pad.
oh shit, says the mouse in the lab...


  • Thanks for sharing your process, basically of your journey. It's my first Journey Log read here after joining and jumping into the frey feet, or head, or how about soul first, lol. Basically, I process similarly, at times, these stream of consciousness flow type thoughts and sometimes yeah yuck like 3D victim feeling story feelings, if I feelz em, and allow those. And yeah, it always serves my shift, when allowed and loved, and I trust those spontaneous inspiration to do so. Thank you therefore for sharing doing the same
    <3 rightbackatchya
    you are encouraging me by doing and encouraging yourself.

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